Episode Description:

This podcast explores how to take chances, maintaining a positive mindset and using affirmations. The stories range from moving to New York on a whim and finding enjoyment in work to using social platforms for brand re-launch and responsibility.


Today I’m talking with Heather Haney. Heather is an account director at Adaptly where she specializes in social strategy. Heather is a true badass at work, creating and managing multi-million dollar campaigns. She’s often asked to guest author articles for sites like martech advisor and she’s been awarded Adaptly’s “be remarkable” company award. Heather is so meticulous about improving processes that her team votes her MVP. Heather moved to New York on a whim and she’s super passionate about women’s rights. Welcome to the show Heather!

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Episode notes:

Moving to New York on a whim – 1:08

Psychology and Marketing similarities – 3:10

Managing over $10 million campaigns per year – 6:56

Brand re-launch using social platforms – 8:43

Full funnel facebook marketing – 10:12

Women in the workplace – 14:35

Asking for what you want mentality – 16:45

Learning to be an advocate for yourself – 18:55

Finding satisfaction in work – 20:52

Using affirmations – 26:54

Changing your thoughts can change your reality – 28:40

Last words and recap – 30:20