Amazon Brand Registry and How to Get Set up Step by Step

Brand registry, what is it, why you need it and how to register for it. We recommend all brands register.
Here’s a list of important things you can do if you have brand registry:
  • Eliminate counterfeits that are already on Amazon
  • Protect against counterfeits being added
  • Help “gate” the brand so that only authorized sellers are allowed to list under “your brand name.”
Read this post on gating to learn more about brand registry and gating.
You: You want me to do what?
Us: Registry.
You: Registry?
Us: Yes.
You: Like a wedding registry?
Us: No, brand registry.
You: What is that?
Us: It’s a program that allows you to take ownership of a brand on Amazon.
You: What will I do with brand ownership?
Us: Manage listing content, use enhanced brand content, promotions and marketing, brand protection, remove unauthorized sellers of your brand and edit brand name.
Often times, brand registry is the first step in a series of steps for fixing all of the above. It’s important because the creator of a listing is the only person who has access to editing the listing. Unfortunately, sometimes the listing creator doesn’t know anything about the product. In this case the listing can have wrong information or zero information. If the information is wrong it looks bad for the brand. If you don’t know who the listing creator is (Amazon will not provide this information) then the information cannot be edited unless you take ownership of the brand.

To start brand registry:

Before applying for brand registry:

  1. Have an e-mail address registered at the domain that the brand is registered ( or
  2. Make sure business entity name matches listed trademark names (the business entity can have a dBA “your brand name”– but the actual registered entity name must be on the trademark filing).
  3. Have your Trademark or patent registration number on handy.
  4. Have a web address to prove that the brand and it’s website is legit.
  5. Images of the product packaging with brand name on packaging.
The process takes between 3 and 7 business days, and the only way to communicate with the Brand Registry team is via e-mail (– though they may call you if they need more information.

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