The Amazon Consumer Perspective: What’s the big deal about Amazon?


This article gives you a little glimpse into the Amazon consumer perspective. It’s for manufactures or people, typically of the older generation, who don’t understand what the big deal about Amazon is. It’s for people who are familiarizing and hearing about Amazon for the first time. Perhaps for those of you who still think Amazon is an online bookstore. This article is written from the perspective of the consumer.

Amazon Consumer Perspective Lifestyle

I want to paint a picture of my lifestyle. I’m a 27 year old female who lives in Venice Beach, CA. My office is 20 minutes away on (nearly) traffic-less freeways. I wake up a 6:00 a.m. have a whole morning routine then I’m out the door by 9:30. I get to work and get into deep work as fast as possible so I can leave by 2 p.m. Straight back to Venice.

I run three businesses, read, write, train, learn new skills and hang out with my friends in my free time. Once I’m home I’m on foot or on bike and outside as much as possible. It’s one of the greatest things and biggest curses about living on the west side. It anchors you so you don’t want to leave, and why should you?

Anyways, I think I fall into a rare category of women and millennial’s but everyone has their reasons for buying online, mine is time. Shopping on the west side is like shopping in New York in the sense that you might have to go to several different stores in order to check the items off your shopping list.

The truth is, I’m spoiled by this whole Amazon prime thing. Go to one place (, put all your supplements, groceries, hair products, beauty products and books in one cart and check out. Two days later it all shows up at my door, for free. I can even ship parts of my order to different places if I wanted to. If you’re buying a new product you can see all the reviews and rating right in front of you too. I’d much rather spend a few minutes ordering from my computer than taking precious time away from beach brunching with my friends.

Amazon Consumer Perspective: Prime

The best thing about Amazon Prime is you get free 2 day shipping on all Prime offers. What’s a prime offer? A prime offer is an item that’s fulfilled by amazon (FBA). So for those of you who think Amazon is just an online marketplace, look again. Amazon is a 3rd party seller market place. This means Amazon sells product but so do other companies. Sellers who FBA have their own stores but use Amazon’s warehouse to store products and fill orders that come through. It’s all automatic. Buyers place orders, Amazon’s fulfillment center pulls the product, prepares it for shipping and then ships.

This gives consumers (like me) access to a whole bunch of products that would otherwise be inaccessible. Inaccessible in my eyes is a product I need to go to a store to buy or even multiple websites (think a special store, not Whole Foods or Ralphs). Amazon prime is especially great for items I already know I want. For example, I have favorite face wash, toners, supplements, notebooks and pens. I would much rather go to my recent orders, reorder with the click of my mouse and have the items show up 2 days later rather than head to the nearest target (where in the world is the nearest target to Venice) and not even find everything I need.

Amazon Consumer Perspective: UX

  • Name another website where you can choose from a huge selection in each category. From books to home improvement you can:
  • Read thousands of reviews
  • See images of the actual product in use
  • View the products rating
  • See how the manufacture responds to customer service issues
  • Observe how the seller handles manufacture issues
  • Review questions and answers from consumers
  • Get free shipping
  • Compare prices
  • Buy with the click of a button
  • Choose which credit card you want to charge (business or personal)
  • Choose which address you want the item shipped (home, moms, office)
  • Know if you have buyers remorse you can return it within 30 days of purchase without leaving your house

I don’t know of any. Amazon spends a ton of time and research on its user experience, just look how much it’s changed over the years. They’re constantly asking for user feedback, innovating, updating, studying buyer behaviors and patterns and making the site and experience better.

Amazon Consume Perspective: Shipping

Amazon leverages economies of scale to the max. Because Amazon ships millions of products, shipping is usually free. I’m pretty sure Amazon is keeping the US Postal Service in business. Pay $3.99 for over night shipping. Often times non-prime offers contain free shipping just to stay competitive. If it’s not free, pay $4 to $7 depending on the item size and weight. Amazon ships so many products they convinced the US Postal Service to start delivering on Sundays. This means deliveries 24/7.

Don’t want to wait? Upon check out select Amazon locker where you can pick up your item stored somewhere super close to you the same day you ordered it! Amazon has UPS and USPS annex’s where if you miss your delivery you can go to the liquor store on the same block as your building and pick up your package. So, free two day shipping has turned into “get immediately” free for all. Amazon wants to make it as easy as possible for consumers to buy from their online marketplace.

Amazon Consumer Perspective: Returns

This is a little irritating as a seller but it’s great for the consumer. Amazon allows the customer to return ANYTHING within 30 days of purchase.

Go to your order, click return, choose a reason and amazon sends you a free shipping label. You can return anything for any reason within 30 days of purchase. I’m serious. Sometime we get returns of products we don’t even sell.

This is the part where some consumers take advantage of Amazon’s liberal return policy. Amazon does not check the returns once they hit amazon’s warehouse (if sold by a 3rd party seller). Sometimes we get old models, used, broken items. But still, great for the consumer, right? Returns are not as easy on other sites or even stores (except maybe Costco). As soon as the product is received in Amazons warehouse, buyers payment method is refunded.

What’s in it for Amazon?

This is a topic for a new article but Amazon makes commission off each sale. Amazon wants more sellers, more products and best pricing all for the consumers sake.  The more sellers and products Amazon carries the more money Amazon makes. This is why they encourage sellers to join Amazon, increase the product catalog and why consumers flock to buy.

So is retail dead?

No way. Many people still hit the retail stores and shop on Amazon. Retail is the best way for people to find out about your product. Retail allows an initial interaction between your end user and a specialist. I don’t think retail is going anywhere. People like the leisure of shopping too much. Retail provides an opportunity for you to show off your product and your brand. It gets eyes, ears and hands on the product and serves as a wonderful introduction to your brand. Keep the retail going.

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