Commanding your Awareness and Aligning your command with God’s

What are Commands

The Fire from Within

Carlos Castaneda, was an anthropologist who studied under a Mexican dude named Don Juan, who practiced an ancient shamanistic way of being. Don Juan was Toltec. Before the Spanish invasion there were, Aztecs and Mayans. And before the Aztecs and Mayans, there were Toltecs. Toltecs were known as an advanced civilization. Toltecs split up to “hide” within Aztec and Mayan’s. It’s how their culture and rituals were preserved through the years. Sometime in the 1960s and the 1970s, Carlos Castaneda found Don Juan in Mexico and talked himself into an apprenticeship with the old Toltec Warrior. Carlos became a Toltec and then he authored several books about his experiences with Don Juan. The books further preserve Toltec teachings. Anyone who reads them and practices their teachings become a Toltec.

“The Fire from Within” is a book about the mastery of awareness. An eagle is the master of awareness. The eagle lives within all of us, observing this life we live here on earth. Other words for this eagle is god or as my spiritual teacher would say, a go pro video camera. And according to the Toltecs or Carlos Castaneda, the more that you command this world or your thoughts or the things around you, the more that your command becomes aligned with God’s command (or with the eagle’s command). That’s when the fun really starts.

Benefits of being able to command your attention and focus:

You align things that are outside of your patterned habit or conditioning. So, if I look at a white wall every day and I choose to look at the white wall every single day and I don’t change, then I will only know a white wall. But if I peel myself away from the white wall, even just a little bit, for a little moment, every single day, I will start seeing different colors. Try something that’s a little scary, a little outside of your comfort zone, a little outside of your pattern, if you try on a thought that is different from a thought that you’ve thought in your entire life, then an entire new world of things will open up to you. If you’re used to seeing sadness, if you’re used to thinking sad thoughts then what happens? You get into a depression. Form new neural pathways. It opens up your world, and it gives you choice. So, the alignment of new things creates new worlds. Eventually, when your command equals the eagle’s or God’s, then you’re able to, on command, experience and choose new things.

How t0 practice aligning your command with God’s:

  • The law of attraction: I call the law of attraction desire building. Deeply desire something and focus your attention on it until it comes.
  • Affirmations: “I am” statements or tell yourself a positive story like, “Today I’m going to be productive. I will create value. I will wake with enthusiasm to get to work. I know I am making a difference. I am inspired and inspiring. I love what I do. I am so thankful it provides me the time and resources and fulfillment.”
  • Gratitude is a type of practice to that, because this world that we’re born into, we’re not used to being happy and thankful and positive. Most people are on the negative side of things. They’re used to seeing things as, they’re used to having a negative outlook. They’re used to having a glass half empty. They’re used to thinking about new experiences in a way that’s scary. All negative. How many times does your brain automatically go to the negative? When you meet somebody new and they’re nice, do you think they’re trying to get something from you, or do you think, “Oh, What a nice person”?
  • Tracking where your awareness is currently. You can do that by tracking your thoughts or feelings through the week then reviewing them at the end of the week. You can choose a specific topic to track your thoughts around as well. Some examples of topics are: your boss, your work, your home, your friendships (or other relationships), money. Choose something that has some energy or momentum around it. The reason for tracking your awareness is because you can’t get to where you want to be without knowing your starting place.

Train your mind to look at new things. Training your brain to look at new things creates new neural pathways. When you practice gratitude, you look at the bright side of things. This is also known as raising the bar, rising up, elevating consciousness, raising your vibration, inspiration. Are you shy or do you have trouble asking for help? Think no one cares about you or can hear you? If so, affirmations, gratitude, creating new neural pathways etc will change your perspective about yourself and others.  I’m a 360 degree approach kind of person. Sometimes you work from the inside out and other times from the outside in. If you’re not sure about all this non-physical world stuff, try delegating. Delegate work, delegate tasks, know what needs to be done and ask for help. Just like there are many forces outside of us either helping or hurting, there are many forces inside of us doing the same thing.

It doesn’t matter where you start, just start somewhere.

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