Episode 41: Self Love

Episode Description: 

Welcome to self love. This affirmation and meditation is for developing self love. Begin by taking 3 belly deep inhales and long exhales. Pushing out your stomach naturally opens your chest. An open chest opens your heart and receptivity. Feel free to let out a sigh or two or three.

I am a badass.

I am strong.

I set the bar high for self love.

I am an example for others to follow.

When I forget how much I love myself, I laugh and say, “thank you for the opportunity to remember.”

I love you.

I remember to tap into the timelessness of the universe.

I am patient with the evolution of myself.

I am like a mountain in the wind. Beautiful, calm, steady, solid and still.

When I am caught by the racing wind, I remember to breathe.

I let go of control.

I look at my thoughts and emotions with compassion.

I see myself through compassionate eyes.

I am gentle on myself for mistakes made.

You are enough.

Love is your birthright.

There is nothing you need to do to deserve love.

You are perfect just the way you are.

You are loved so deeply and so completely.

You are serene.

I am the most nurturing and caring mother to my most precious inner child.

I soothe my inner child with love, affection and adoration.

Now imagine holding yourself as a child.

Hug them tight against your chest as you would a frightened toddler.

As they are wrapped up in your loving arms, you both become enveloped by a light pink mist radiating from your heart. And you whisper in their ear:

I am here for you little one.

You are such a courageous soul.

You are so brave.

Where you are weak, I am strong.

When you feel threatened, I will protect you.

When you need space, I will provide it for you.

When you feel discouraged, I will encourage you.

When you are tense, I will free you.

When you call I will come.

I will watch.

I will listen.

I will play.

I am here for you.

I have your back.

And You are loved.

As soon as I open my eyes in the morning I say, “I love you!” to myself.

When I look in the mirror, “I love you”

When I’m feeding my body, “I love you”

When I’m feeding my mind, “I love you”

When I criticize myself, that’s my cue to say, “I love you”

When I lose motivation and momentum slows… “I love you”

When I compare myself to others, I remember to Love you.


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