Episode 40: Your Reaction is the ONLY Thing that Matters

Episode Description: 

It doesn’t matter how others act, only how you react.

Observe your reactions closely to see who you’ve become

Did you choose those reactions now? Or sometimes long ago when you were very young.


The actions of other people inspire you to feel.

If you look beyond impulse you might just find a clue.

But first tell yourself, “it’s OK, you’re feeling exactly how you’re expected to.”

Then use this as an opportunity to discover more about you.

If you feel compelled to share what you have learned

Tell your friend calmly and…

Observe how they react when you tell them how you felt when you got burned.


BONUS 😉 And since you’re now an expert at digging a little deeper,

Ask your friend questions to find out what dictated their behavior.

And with that information you have learned a lot about the meaning you both give things

Use that information to transform endings to new beginnings.


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