Episode 39: How to Nurture Your Depression

Episode Description: 

Nurture your depression, let me tell you how

Stop pushing it away There’s no need to fake act happay

Make terms with where you’re at.

Don’t listen to people when they say, “STOP! Depression is bad.”

Enjoy being a sleepy head.

You’re body probably needs it.

And when they ask you how you’re doing, be honest say,

“Lifes rough, I’m depressed, got a quick fix?”

Follow what they say if it’s something like,

“Cheeyyaaa girl, watch Elder Millennial on Netflix.”

Ease into laughter, remember what it feels like to feel good.


When the haunting voice comes back, tell it, eh eh not in my hood.

I’m perfectly normal for feeling this way.

I’m craving deep connection and I have none.

My family lives across the country.

And I’m trying to do this “all on my own thing”

It’s scary and courageous and lonely sometimes

It’s dark early and below freezing outside

I’ve got you in my ear a constant dose of shame

If you were in my position you would feel the same.

Who invited you to this party anyway?


We’ve been here before, this aint the first time.

We made it through then and we’ll do it again.

It’ll be a whole lot easier if you quit telling me how bad a person I am.

We occupy the same body and live in the same brain.

I’d prefer to be friends but if we can’t, I’m gonna stop listening.


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