Episode 38: I’m Probably Gonna Mess Up

Episode Description: 

How often do you play the same role

Over and over, isn’t it old?

How old can it get before you decide

Turn it down, sit still let go of the comfort it provides.


When things didn’t go my way,

“How could you? I’m shocked!”

Angrily turn my back, cross my arms

and at the same time,

cry and whimper away, Not today.

No not today I’ll be defeated.

Not today will I hold the frame and in the middle my picture, a powerless victim.

No pride in waving that flag.

No fun in playing that card.

So, I’ll play a different one instead.


But I’ve been playing it so long what other cards do I have?

You may have none, but you can make one.


So if victimhood leaves holes, which cards could make us whole?

All those days I played victim couldn’t be for nothing.

Hidden in anger I discovered my values.

Shock bought me time to sift through my thoughts

and decipher what’s mine.

So when I’m hit with the same situation again

I have space to choose

A different reaction.

I can articulate my words and my feelings with peace.

And I can see through your eyes when you’re sitting in my place.


With a list of values that drive my decisions

A vision that allows me to handle with compassion

A way out when I hit a dead end

I’m conditioned to know how to win.

I’m sitting at the table new cards in hand.

So come at me world, I’m ready for playing.


I’m probably gonna mess up,

Slip into my old ways

The more I play these new cards

My old habits drift away

Take it easy on myself

when I go into routine

Remember that I’m playing

Life’s more interesting.


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