Episode 24: Tif TV – Think and Grow Rich: Law Of Attraction Changed My Life

This episode explores how Napoleon Hill’s book, ‘Think and Grow Rich’ made a huge impact on my everyday life.

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Episode Notes:
Intro – 0:00
I’m Redoing My Apartment – 0:33
It’s Like Watching An Artist Work – 1:03
An Experimental Video – 1:35
I am Usually In My Head – 2:22
Think and Grow Rich – 3:11
Having The Biggest Impact on Me – 4:03
This Is Tif Talk – 4:39
Napoleon Hill – 4:43
Shopping For Used Books – 5:13
The Chapter That Had the Biggest Impact On Me – 6:05
Law Of Attraction – 6:58
Merging Spirituality and Materialism – 7:39
We Are Material Beings – 8:14
What If My Memories Are Negative? – 9:37
Broke Up From a Challenging Relationship – 9:53
How Can I Prevent Falling Into the Same Patterns – 10:33
Observing My Patterns – 10:48
I Changed For Being Positive Memories – 11:41
I Have A Bank of Positive Emotions – 12:16
Wishing For A Technology That Can Record My Own Thoughts – 12:28
Training Your Mind – 12:49
Closing 13:12


Introduction: 00:04 I’m tiffany Lopez and you’re listening to posh incredible podcast. Where I interview ordinary people who are making extraordinary transformations in their lives and for others. I believe we’re all here to transcend and assist the ones around us to grow into the people they were born to be. The pathway of awakening is a noble life pursuit and it starts now.

Tiffany: 00:32 So I’m redoing this apartment and it’s a work in progress. A lot of things went wrong, but a lot of things went right. It’s feeling pretty good in here. I’m not going to show you now. I’m going to show you when I’m done and I didn’t quite take a before pic, but I did take one of this section. Um, I just feel like if I showed you now, you just wouldn’t get it. You wouldn’t get it. It’s almost like watching an artist work. Interior design is like

Tiffany: 01:13 if, if you don’t, if you see the work in progress and not the finished product, it’s like watching an artist paint a picture or sculpt and you kind of. Or like, what is that? What are you doing? What are you doing? Like, what is that? Anyways. Um, it makes me anxious. So this is a, this is going to be a little bit of an experiment. Um, you’ll see I, I’m doing some experimental videos, um, a lot of like things that come to me come to me at weird times like when I’m cooking or when I’m cleaning or when I’m shopping or like, right when I wake up in the morning. Um, so I may just since all I’m doing right now is just like sitting here and talking. I may just try to do some more of those types of videos where they’re like action, action shots, um, and me talking. So we’ll see about that. We’ll see how it goes. I don’t usually talk out loud. I’m usually in my head. So, um, it’ll be an interesting experiment for me to talk out loud while I’m doing stuff instead of just listen to the talk that’s going on in my head. Um,

Tiffany: 02:41 what do we have going on today?

Tiffany: 02:44 So with that said, I am going to read off a few different things. Maybe I’m not really sure what this kind of series of videos is going to be called, but it’s basically like what comes, what my basic understanding of things is and like where that mentality comes from and it’s not like everything. But there’s a few things like today, everyday I open the book, think and grow rich by Napoleon Hill. It was the book that made the biggest impact on me in 2015. Maybe it was 2016, I think it was 2015. So it was a book that made the biggest impact on me in 2015 and I read all of my books on my phone so I don’t have a lot in print, but I recently read a book about writing and it says to keep your favorite books or your favorite like pieces, the ones that like spark your creativity or your mind thoughts to keep them close to the desk.

Tiffany: 03:54 So this is going to be like my writing desk. It’s not here yet. It’s on its way. It’s beautiful. I can’t wait. I can’t wait till it’s in the space. So I wanted to get think and grow rich because it’s, it was the book that had the biggest impact on me and in 2015 and I want to keep it nearby because it’s business, but it’s mostly spiritual. So today I read something from the book and it kind of just like made my head go off. I don’t remember what it is now, but I did mark it. So I’m going to read it and I’ll give you the live interpretation. And then, um, there’s a couple other things. I just feel like this is tif tv, it’s like tif talk, it’s not a ted talk, but it’s a tif talk. Um, there’s some things that I wrote down in my notebook today that I wanted to share and uh, we’ll see how it goes.

Tiffany: 04:42 So let’s start with start with Napoleon Hill Hill because that’s, that’s how I woke up this morning. I got the, um, the, the text that I read was, I think it was the newer version, but the one that I just bought was, is the, uh, is the official publication, the original unedited text. Because I’ve actually been looking for this, those, uh, who, so I live in New York, um, you probably already know that, but I love shopping for used books because I love originals. And in New York there’s used books all over the streets, especially around union square. And I love to go there and check out, like see what catches my eye and I’ve found some really, really, really cool original books and I’ve been looking for this one for a while, mostly because the language in the newer one was edited out. I want to say it’s in the chap in chapter 11, the mystery of sex transmutation.

Tiffany: 05:47 And this was actually the chapter that had the biggest impact on me out of the entire book. And it’s really funny that this is what I opened up to read today. I just noticed that I’m kind of shocked because that’s synchronistic. So this is the chapter that had the biggest impact on me. And apparently apparently in this chapter they changed the word of one thing to a different thing. And the original has, has the original texts basically. And that’s more accurate than what they changed it to, to appeal to like a mass population. So, um, I will let you know when I find that and I’ll let you know where it is and I’ll let you know what is on the original. I mean, what’s the difference between the original and un edited and the newer version. So this is on page two 86 and it’s in the mystery of sex transmutation chapter.

Tiffany: 06:51 And this I just opened the book and this is what my eyes kind of like felt, fell onto and it’s go back into your yesterdays at times and bathe your mind in the beautiful memories of past love. It will soften the influence of the present worries and annoyances. It will give you a source of escape from the unpleasant realities of life. And maybe who knows, your mind will yield to you during this temporary retreat into the world of fantasy ideas or plans which may change the entire financial or spiritual status of your life. So where this is coming from is in order to get what you want, you need to be at the. This is a law of attraction book, by the way. That’s why it’s. That’s why I call it spiritual. I think Napoleon Hill was one of the first people to teach law of attraction in a tangible way and I think that’s why this book has stood the test of time because it merges.

Tiffany: 07:49 It’s a bridge. It merges spirituality and materialism which spirituality and religion and faith tend to disown or disregard materialism, but we’re human beings and we live in a material world living in a material world, material. That literally just popped in my head. So we’re material beings and we need to. We need to be able to function in this world and in this society in order to be happy, really. But the happiness comes from two different places. It comes from existing in that dual place and existing in a happy state while being a dual like wellbeing, a multidimensional being. So you have a spiritual side, the nonphysical, and then you have the physical and material and nonspiritual. So when you look into the past about what you witnessed, you start to remember what you love and who loved you. And how that felt, if they say, if you just hold the memory of that for 16 seconds, it will attract other vibrations and other memories of it.

Tiffany: 09:06 And so then all of a sudden you’re, you can’t stop thinking about the times that you felt loved when sometimes we can’t stop thinking about the times that we felt unloved. And in order to get out of that, we have to kind of like reverse the pattern and spiral upwards by holding the positive thought for at least 16 seconds and then attracting more of it rather than going the other direction. Attracting more negative thoughts and more negativity. So when I originally read this this morning, what I thought was, what if all of my memories of my friends or my family, what if those are all negative? Because when I read this book, I was sort of in a, I was in a transition state. I would say, I had just broken out of a very challenging relationship. I tend to pick, at least in the past, I tend to pick men who were really wrong for me, just living up to the life that I was born into.

Tiffany: 10:07 My mom pick men or man that was wrong for her. Her mom did the same and I’m sure generations before that was also the same and so I. That was a pattern of mine that I had to break and during this time I found think and grow rich. It was not the first time that I had been introduced to this book, but it was the first time I decided to read it and I felt liberated, but at the same time I knew there was a lot of like things to work through. Things like why did I put myself in that situation and how can I prevent doing that again, like falling into the same patterns and so in order to figure out how to fall into different patterns, I had to know I had to observe what my patterns were and some of those patterns were negative thinking.

Tiffany: 10:58 So positivity didn’t come easy for me because I was in a really negative state and the people I were I surrounded myself with were also really negative. They were people who blamed other people for their feelings. They were people who were unsupportive, who always went to the bad, like instead of thinking the best, they always thought the worst. The people who are always like mitigating risk and just that type of negativity. That was what I was around all the time and maybe I was around it because that’s how I was, but I didn’t want to be that way. And so I changed and now it’s easier to identify positive moments and I have things in place where I can look back at my book, like I write, I wrote like an entire notebook full of things that make me happy and gratitude and positive memories.

Tiffany: 12:00 And now what’s going on in my life is instead of having a pool of negative memories to choose from, I’m starting now, not now, but like a couple years ago. So, sorry, I had to change a battery. So instead of having an uh, bank of, uh, negative emotions to choose from, I have a bank of positive emotions were and memories that I can tap into at any moment. I wish there was a technology where I could record my own thoughts without having to speak because there’s just so much going on up here, um, that I just didn’t know will help, help someone. Um, because I’ve been through a lot of changes. So this kind of goes into training your mind. Um making a choice, like being conscious of where your head’s at, where your thoughts are, what your, where you’re, what you’re feeling, and using that information as a compass to identify where you are so you can get from where you are to where you want to be. Um, maybe I will end it there and then I will do another couple of videos because otherwise this is just gonna be a long one. A really long one. Yeah, I guess thanks for watching. Please leave any comments or questions below and stay tuned for more. Don’t forget to check out our podcast Posh Incredible Transformations. Yeah. Until next time, see you guys later.

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