Episode 4: A Lesson in Mental Toughness – Richard Payne

Episode Description: This episode explores mental toughness, confidence, and moving forward from impactful moments in our life. The stories range from closing a business and starting a new one to personal loses and pushing towards accomplishments.


Bio: Richard is a business coach, mentor, mental toughness advisor, and principal at Knight Owl. Richard was born deaf in both ears making it super difficult to succeed in school. But he found sport and that didn’t stop him from achieving the highest levels in basketball, football, and rowing. In 2011, Richard’s company, Corporate Excellence Group, won the Prime Minister’s Award for best training and coaching company in Australia. At the age of 54, and only 2 years after learning how to swim, Richard swam the English Channel taking nearly 23 hours. There is no doubt in my mind why Richard is teaching mental toughness. He’s a living, breathing, walking, prime example of what it means to be mentally tough. Get ready to explore the components of mental toughness with this episode and with Richard Payne. So happy to have you welcome to the show, Richard!

Episode Notes:

  • Progressing Your Skills on Public Speaking 
  • Why Knight Owl? – 5:17
  • Being Mentally Tough – 6:21
  • Quitting the First Business – 15:16
  • Moving Forward from the Tough Times – 16:08
  • Putting Your Mentality to the Test – 21:53
  • Getting Tough after Being Bullied – 28:08
  • Being Deaf – 29:10
  • Knowing What Self Talk Works – 32:47
  • Happiness Doesn’t Come with Money – 34:28
  • Breaking Commitments and Letting Go Through Change – 36:20
  • What Passion Can Feel Like – 40:28
  • Last Words – 43:53

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