Episode 5: A Philosophical Journey on Self Spiritual Guidance – Garry Prigg

Episode Description: This episode explores being in tune with yourself and self spiritual guidance. The stories range from losses and being at peace to shifts in perspective and ascension.


Bio: Today we have Garry Prigg. Garry has over 40 years of business experience across several roles including business owner, board chairman and CEO. Garry is a true innovator and educator. He’s created a long list of Australia’s First including First Specialist branded packages for the insurance industry, First home buyer center and a dedicated radio program about property. Garry is also a dedicated philanthropist. In 2001 he established the Cerebral Palsy Education Centre where he dedicated countless hours and energy ensuring his success. Garry’s long list of awards include the tater sales award for excellence and achievement, Herald Sun – Pride of Australia Medal, Rotary Paul Harris Fellowship and he’s been elected an ambassador for Lions International. Garry is super spiritual and he unites his business background with spirituality to assist global leaders in making huge transformations. Excited to get this conversation rolling, Welcome to the show Garry!

Episode Notes:

  • The Differences Between the Human and Divine Space – 1:36
  • Personal Meditation – 3:33
  • Developing a Morning Routine -9:45
  • What is Freedom? – 11:52
  • Being in Self Tune – 13:49
  • Getting Through the Dark Times – 22:29
  • Philosophy on Self Spiritual Guidance – 23:18
  • Relationship to Judgement – 30:28
  • The Many Faces of God 34:20
  • Feeling with Our Hearts – 38:31
  • Learning to Be Self Full – 42:40
  • Life Changing Shifts In Perspective – 50:44
  • Ascension – 53:47
  • Visualization, Daily Rituals, Affirmations – 56:12
  • Explaining What We Are As Individuals – 59:52
  • Understanding There is an Option and a Choice – 1:05:04
  • Returning and Seeing a Perspective in Faith – 1:06:12
  • Closing – 1:10:07

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