Episode 5: A Philosophical Journey on Self Spiritual Guidance – Garry Prigg

Episode Description: This episode explores being in tune with yourself and self spiritual guidance. The stories range from losses and being at peace to shifts in perspective and ascension.


Bio: Today we have Garry Prigg. Garry has over 40 years of business experience across several roles including business owner, board chairman and CEO. Garry is a true innovator and educator. He’s created a long list of Australia’s First including First Specialist branded packages for the insurance industry, First home buyer center and a dedicated radio program about property. Garry is also a dedicated philanthropist. In 2001 he established the Cerebral Palsy Education Centre where he dedicated countless hours and energy ensuring his success. Garry’s long list of awards include the tater sales award for excellence and achievement, Herald Sun – Pride of Australia Medal, Rotary Paul Harris Fellowship and he’s been elected an ambassador for Lions International. Garry is super spiritual and he unites his business background with spirituality to assist global leaders in making huge transformations. Excited to get this conversation rolling, Welcome to the show Garry!

Episode Notes:

  • The Differences Between the Human and Divine Space – 1:36
  • Personal Meditation – 3:33
  • Developing a Morning Routine -9:45
  • What is Freedom? – 11:52
  • Being in Self Tune – 13:49
  • Getting Through the Dark Times – 22:29
  • Philosophy on Self Spiritual Guidance – 23:18
  • Relationship to Judgement – 30:28
  • The Many Faces of God 34:20
  • Feeling with Our Hearts – 38:31
  • Learning to Be Self Full – 42:40
  • Life Changing Shifts In Perspective – 50:44
  • Ascension – 53:47
  • Visualization, Daily Rituals, Affirmations – 56:12
  • Explaining What We Are As Individuals – 59:52
  • Understanding There is an Option and a Choice – 1:05:04
  • Returning and Seeing a Perspective in Faith – 1:06:12
  • Closing – 1:10:07

Tiffany: I’m Tiffany Lopez, and your listening to “Posh Incredible” podcast where I interview ordinary people who are making extraordinary transformations in their lives and for others. I believe we’re all here to transcend and assist the ones around us to grow into the people they were born to be. The pathway of awakening is a noble life pursuit, and it starts now. Today we have Garry Prigg. Garry has over 40 years of business experience across several different roles, including business owner, board chairman, and CEO. Garry is a true innovator and educator. He’s created a long list of Australia’s firsts, including the first specialist branded packages for the insurance industry, first home buyers center, and a dedicated radio program about property. Garry is also a dedicated philanthropist. In 2001, he established the Cerebral Palsy Education Center, where he dedicated countless hours and energy, ensuring its success. Garry’s long list of awards include the TATA sales award for excellence and achievement, Herald Sun Pride of Australia medal, Rotary Paul Harris Fellowship, and he’s been elected an ambassador for Lions International. Garry is super spiritual, and he unites his business background with spirituality to assist global leaders in making huge transformations. Excited to get this conversation rolling. Welcome to the show, Garry. What’s the difference between the human space and the divine space?


Garry: Well, human time is a measurement. So, when you have a measurement, it is a limitation. And when you have time, it also means that you’re conforming to the requirements of other people. If you move into divine space, there is no measurement, and it is now. Everything is now. We hear about the Buddhists, we hear about the Hindus, quantum physics, everything is about now. So, what that means is that if you can learn, and it’s worked for me, and I still practice it and I’ve got a long way to go, that through meditation or prayer, and sometimes yoga, that you’re able to take yourself into that divine space where there is no physical presence, there is no thought presence because you’re actually in the golden space of God or the divine creator, universal energy, the great nutrition of the universe, call it what you will, but that greater power. And what’s happening then is that it’s your soul space, that you’re in, because your soul is the power that, you know, as we know, we are connected universally, so there’s collective energy. There’s collective soul. We are a part of that even if we are individuals. So, divine space is where we learn to play, and that’s where you get access to divine knowledge, divine wisdom, divine health, divine power, divine energy. All of that lives there, and it’s the pathway into that through meditation, prayer, yoga, that you can actually go and bathe in that space.


Tiffany: What’s your meditation like? Because, I know every morning, you have them, a daily preparation routine. What’s that like?


Garry: That’s my ritual, and that’s my connection. Two areas of connection. One is, it’s the connection with the divine. It’s the connection with my soul with the divine. It’s the connection with my soul, with my spirits, and instead of the connection of my soul, my spirits with my physical body. So, it’s a lead into that. I have a prayer that I say every morning, and, you know, it’s printed off, and it’s, “Dear God, I come to you with an open heart, bathed in your celestial energy, wrapped in the power and purpose of being on this earth. I surrender to you to claim my power to serve people, to find their life purpose so they can live with passion and fulfillment.” So, that’s my morning prayer leading into my meditation. I have another book that I read, which then gets me to focus and at the moments about my spiritual sovereignty and the power that I have over my life rather than being influenced by others. I then move into laying out the cards. My guru is Paramahansa Yogananda. And so with Paramahansa Yogananda, I have the picture of him, and then I have a picture of his guru, Sri Yukteswar, and then the next in line is Lahiri Mahasaya, then Mahāvatār Bābājī, then there’s Jesus Christ, and then there’s Lord Krishna. So, I reverence them every morning as the divine souls, and I have a prayer that I say to them.


I then move into the seven pillars of my chakras, from my base, going right through to my crown. And I have a prayer that I say for each of my chakras. I tap each of the chakras to open and cleanse. Then I move into my Kriya breathing, which is the lead into the Kriya yoga. My Kriya breathing is then bringing me the breadth of energy up through my chakras, up through my spine to my crown. And after I’ve done that breathing, I then move into my meditation. And as a background of my meditation, I then have music playing, which is the om, the universal sound of the universe. And so, that would be playing. That would be playing behind me, so it’s coming to the back of me, and that’s where I’ll go with my meditation. And my meditation lead always into… And there’s five points, and they’re private points that I lead in with, and I’ll repeat that as a mantra. And then I’ll just., no body, no mind. Then I’ll be in the presence of the divine and universal energy. And what happens is messages come. I might not recognize them at the time, but during the course of the day, I’ll see something, I’ll read something, I’ll hear something, or an intuitive will come where that’s a message, and because I’m vibrating at such a high level, that message then is able to connect with me in the physical world, if that makes sense.


Tiffany: It does. I want this to be about you, but I can relate because early on I used to have an expectation as what the messages would be like, but I realized that they all,for me at least, come through in the physical world, and that I have to be able to discern where they’re coming from or how they’re coming to me. But it’s been like kind of easier to do that.


Garry: Do you have to discern which means…? Or could it be instead of having to discern, you’re just there to accept the message, and then be open to the interpretation of that message not from your mind, but from your energy, which then says, “Here’s the message,” and you say thank you for the message? And then you just put it out there, “Okay, what do I do with this? What is the purpose of this message?”


Tiffany: At first, it was like discerning because I was expecting them to come in in a certain way. Then I realized that they were coming in ways that I did not expect them. And then it became more of, “Okay, I’m open,” and asking questions, and I’m like not looking for answers but being open to the answers.


Garry: Yes. Yeah. But see, that is being very non-human, because the humans like to ask why. And from my observations of reading, when people start saying “Why,” all they’re doing is opening up a conversation with their subconscious. And if you’re open your conversation with subconscious, it’s already preset based upon your past environment, based upon your epigenetic transference in your inheritance. So, you’re already getting an answer from an old message. But also as we know with the subconscious or the spirits that we have with us, that many are there to control and manipulate and sabotage. So, if we ask the why, it’s very possible that the answer you get is going to suffocate what the real answer is that you’re waiting to receive. So, it might drop it from your mind and into your heart, being able to then say, “What is the purpose?” And you wait for the answer. You don’t bring your subconscious into the conversation at all. With that as a philosophy and then if you start practicing it, it gives you so much freedom, and you literally do become one of with universe and it’s one with your soul,. It actually is that totally the connection with that universal energy.


Tiffany: How long did it take you to develop your morning routine?


Garry: Four years. Four years, it’s taken, and it continues to evolve every day. Rather than me being, you know, I have the routine and the ritual of it, but there will be times that I will feel that I need to just reconfigure what I must say, the order I do things. Or there will be occasions when I would go in, and I won’t even set out my reference cards of the gurus or my body because the messages just go straight into meditation. So, that’s where I, again, keep out of this human habit form of, “Oh, I must do it this way,” because the moment I do that, it’s locking down possibilities and messages.


Tiffany: I like that. I think some people get so stuck on routine that they don’t listen to what they’re intuitively being told to do. It’s like, “Oh, no, I have to do this.” Or almost like it becomes a superstition. Do you know what I mean?


Garry: Yes, I do. That’s a very… It can become a superstition, and then they start to live in fear of, “Oh, if I don’t do this, something bad will happen, or if I don’t do this, I’ll miss out on this,instead of living with freedom. And that surrender to claim freedom is such a simple, simple philosophy, but it totally releases you from that human way of thinking, that human way. Because everything we think, once you put an emotion around, it becomes a belief, and it becomes a habit. And that’s how people play their life out. But I like breaking it up. I actually like shaking the tree and doing things that are unconventional. Now, in human terms, someone might say, “Gee, you know, that’s the different way of doing it.” Yes, it is. But if you conform habit, and they’re old habits, how can you be free? And, you know, again, Rousseau, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, the French philosopher, one of his great sayings was that, “Man is born free, and everywhere we see him in chains.” And my life purpose is to enable people to find their life purpose themselves so they can live with passion and freedom. And by doing that, they’re set free.


Tiffany: So, a lot of people say one thing that in my life, a common sticking point that comes up for me is always freedom. I’ve wanted freedom my entire life, and I weave that sense of freedom into everything that I do once I found out what it meant to me. And a lot of people say that, especially in the business community, that freedom is discipline. Do you have any thoughts on that, or what is freedom to you? You kind of touched on it.


Garry: Yeah. Freedom is just free flow. The epicenter of freedom, though, it has to be built around, from my perspective, and it doesn’t make it right and/or wrong. But freedom to me is having an epicenter of your values and your principles. And if you’re grounded in your divine values and principles, then freedom is to do as you will. It’s that simple. It means then that you can do as you will as long as it’s within the parameters of what is acceptable values and principles. Now, you can have values and principles that may be contradictory to a community. And, you know, we see people in the world that have been responsible, whether it be Hitler or Stalin or Mao Tse Tung, for example. You know, their value was for their people, and yet they killed millions and millions of their own to stamp in their values. Whereas if we can live with our own values for the benefit of others, that then empowers who we are.


Tiffany: Have you always been like this?


Garry: What’s this?


Tiffany: I knew you were gonna ask that. Have you always been vibrating at this vibration or this spiritual or this in tune with your own self?


Garry: Deeply. The answer is yes. And quite often in life, people have tragedies that re-position them. It’s part of their life purpose of being here to have a tragedy. In my case, I’m just one, but there’s many who have had more significant traumas and tragedies. But when I was a little boy, I was three-and-a-half, and my mother died. And in human terms, that is really sad. Really sad. And I felt a deep, deep loss in that shortly after my mother died. And even at three-and-a-half, I remember a couple of circumstances relating to that on the day that she died, the funeral, and I was only three-and-a-half. But shortly after that, you know, Louise Hay talks about your body and how it responds to different circumstances. So, in Louise’s book, “You Can Heal Your Life,” I referenced what it made for having nephritis, and nephritis is where your kidneys shut down and you pass blood. So, for anyone to reference what that means, it was a death, and I always experienced that physical death. Not that I’m putting myself in the same category as Jesus Christ, but, you know, the blood of Christ. It was the pouring out of His blood, which was a symbolism of death, but also it was blood as in the symbolism of life and the rebirthing as well. So, I was in hospital and when I came out of hospital, I remember hearing a couple of minorities talking and saying, “He won’t make old bones.” And even as a little four-year-old boy, it meant that he’s going to die. He won’t make a significant age.


So, sometime after that in the farmhouse…and I grew up in the country on a dairy farm, and it was dark. It was early hours of the morning, and I woke up with the presence, and the room was filled with golden light. And in that golden light, this voice spoke and said, “You will have many challenges, but you’ll never be by yourself.” Now, there are other messages that came to me, but it wasn’t until I’ve grown and over time that those messages were released for me to understand the power and the significance of what had happened. So, I’ve always resonated to serve others. And I’ve had some really, really difficult personal times in my life. We can talk that at another time. But it’s always been for me to serve others, and I did that for 25 years as a volunteer, for example, with Children with Cerebral Palsy, with their families to assist that little weeny small organization to be cultivated and grown using my business skills and expertise. Now, it’s known throughout the world as one of the pre-eminent education centers in the world. So, I knew at an early age, I was to serve. Four years ago, I had a life-death experience, and that was where there was the end of the marriage. That meant that was the end of my connection with those children and families and this center for children with cerebral palsy. It meant the coming to a close of my connection with my former wife’s brothers and sisters and in-laws and all of the nephews and nieces. And two months before that, tragically, my beautiful father-in-law died. So, there’s 100 years of my human measurement time was gone. Finished. And that was a really, really dark place.


And it wasn’t until I spoke to one of my dear friends that I’ve known many years, and Anthony said to me, he said, “Garry, you’ve been really successful in so many different ways in your life in serving others, but you’ve got to stop now and actually define who you are and create who you choose to be in the next phase of your life.” And that was great advice. I didn’t understand at the time because I was still in this black hole. However, it gave me something to think about, but then it gave me a chance for me to start to contemplate that message. You know, Anthony operates in 60 countries around the world. He’s got clients like the Kardashians, J-Lo, Madonna. You know, he’s a very successful businessman around the world. But it was just great, simple advice. Shortly after that life-death experience, I was introduced to a fellow that I really love, and he’s a terrific guy. Now, he’s the world number one bucket lister, a fellow called Trav Bell. Now, Travis is based in Melbourne. He’s about 44 now, but he’s great physique because of his background in gyms. He’s got a mohawk. He’s so well-read and learned, and he travels the world talking to people about developing a bucket list. So, I went to one of Trav’s three-day sessions, and in going to Trav’s three-days session, halfway through the first morning, we were taken to this building, and we caught the lift and then we climbed the next two stories and we got to the top, and it’s set up where there were these two ex-SAS soldiers. And Trav set it up where we’re going to jump off this eight-story building. And the symbolism of sitting on the edge of the building and looking over the edge, eight stories, it was where that you had to totally trust and surrender to these people that had rigged you up, and then to go over the edge was total, total surrender. And yet you were safe. It didn’t feel like at the time. And then to run down the building was just phenomenal. I’ll send you the link. It’s just a remarkable experience.


So, that then showed me that fear can be confronted. So, that gave me the opportunity to use a symbolism of jumping over the edge of a building and running down it, and it was three times I did it. That gave me the symbolism then of confronting fear,and just recognize it but not going to the space. The other thing that happened in that time was introduction to Buddhism and moving into meditation in that very, very peaceful, tranquil way of being. And that served me well. At the same time, I was introduced to quantum physics where everything is energy. And it’s a really nice connection point between Buddhism, and quantum physics is that they both talk about being in the now, and that’s their connection point, living in the now. And Lao Tzu said, you know, “If you are depressed, you’re living in the past. If you’re anxious, you’re living in the future. If you’re at peace, you’re living in the present, and that is the now.” So, learning these things, but it just wasn’t the theory. It was then going about learning about entrainment, your cognitive development. So, these are things that I still study every day to enhance my mind’s life growth. That then enables me to have a profound understanding of how I can operate within the world as a human. Where am I at if it was Ritcher scale? I’m probably on a Richter scale of three. There’s still a Richer scale of seven. So, this continual growth. And I have this saying that over the years I’ve learned many things. I’ve gained much knowledge, experience. With age comes wisdom. And, you know what my wisdom is? The more I learn is a realization of how little I know. And with that as an epicenter of personal expansion or learning, it means that every person I meet has something that I will learn from, I will draw from, they will give me a gift. And my partnership with them is to give myself back and give them my energy, my knowledge in whatever form or shape I can. And that’s part of my contract with the universe.


Tiffany: I have so many questions, but I want to go back to the dark times. What got you through those difficult times in your life?


Garry: When I was on my knees at my darkest time, once the resonance of the voice that the little four-year-old boy heard, “You will have many challenges, but you’ll never be alone,” and that’s what I hung on to for grim life, and I say, for grim life.


Tiffany: Did you always remember that right away?


Garry: No, I didn’t. And that’s part of my humanness, and that’s part of the chat or the conversation my spirits will be having with me. But it came to me at the right time because my life journey has been… All of the things that have happened to me had been made for a purpose. There was a divine plan.


Tiffany: Do you think everyone or every human has equal amount…not equal as in the same things happen to them, but equal as in the same pains, the same difficulties, the same whatever that may be in their lives, whatever circumstances may arise? Do you think all humans have that? Have the dark times of difficulties, the tragedies, the… Yeah, those…?


Garry: Maybe if I answer that as a hypothetical because I don’t have the authority to judge. However… This is not but, it’s a however. Part of my philosophy is that we have three principal areas of energy. One is the physical in this earth, and that’s the vehicle that is the receptacle where our spirits, which is level two. That’s where they exist within that physical body. And Caroline Myss, in one of her books, references that she thinks we have 14 archangels within us. So, if there’s 14, that’s like you’ve got your own football team as spirits. Now, from what I’ve learned through meditation and through conversations with much wiser people than myself is that some will be dominant, and quite often the dominant one is the one that is here to learn the mos. They’d, that be spirits that would be sit very quietly for an entire lifetime as observers in preparation for them to come back next time and maybe play a more significant role. But when you find that there are life-changing circumstances, if those spirits that sit within our physical being have achieved their objective for being on this earth, they will have the opportunity through divine encouragement to move on and new spirits will come in, and those new spirits will bring knowledge and experience and wisdom to elevate that person to the next level. So, on our life journey, some people will have sadness, and it’s the spirit of that person, not the person, the physical that is doing the learning. It’s the spirit within the physical that’s doing the learning. And, you know, I love asking people the question, “Do you talk to yourself?”


Tiffany: All the time.


Garry: So, who are you talking to?


Tiffany: Sometimes… Well, I don’t know. I would say it’s different at different times in my life. Looking at my past, from where I stand right now, it’s been…because I know the language has changed. So, I don’t know, maybe it’s my soul. Maybe my soul is talking to me. Maybe. I’ve definitely heard some people call it demons, but yeah, I don’t know. I don’t know exactly. I just…


Garry: So, if we have the purity of, your soul is the purity, and it is the very essence of God or the divine creator, the universal energy, that is the purity. If the soul then is influenced by the power of learning of the spirits. So, it’s the spirits that are here to either elevate themselves, which then elevates the soul, is one theory I have. But you can also have spirits that have come here to learn, but part of that learning is to inflict great tragedies, great sadnesses on others, but also to diminish their own energy, which then affects their soul. So, if we look at your case, you continually change, but you have a contract with the divine creator through your soul that you are being fast-tracked because you have a profound purpose on this earth in this physical form to be able to impact on the lives of others in a rich and powerful way. That some people can judge you when you were younger and said, “Oh, you’ve got the devil in you, ” da, da, da. That may not be the case. All of it is is just that spirits that are here within you at that time to learn. And when they’ve done their task, they’ll get a, inverted commas, “email” from God or the divine creator saying, “Okay, job done then, move on. And now I’m going to place in some new spirits. And that’s where if you look at your life, you’ve had a number of elevations that have really in an exponential way have grown who you are. So, in your case now, you’re on a learning program of life. You are laying a new foundation, but that new foundation is for you to start seeking to find your true life purpose for the now, to then take that purpose to influence in a profound and loving and positive way on the lives of people across this earth.


Tiffany: So, people don’t normally change this much?


Garry: Well, I think as an observer, no, they don’t. No. You are an extremely different energetic source. You know, the Christian Bible says, you know, “Many are called, few are chosen.” My observation of you is you are chosen. You have a profound message. The vibration of your energy as you emit it now, as you put that out there, is drawing to you some very strong and powerful people that will be committed to you but committed to the good of this planet, though you may not know that yet exactly what your purpose is. But we will explore that. We’ll find that. You’re ready to find that out for this next phase of your life. And when you get to the end of that phase of your life, those spirits that have been here to learn and to enhance your journey, your soul journey, they will move, or some that have been sitting there dormant as observers, they will rise up and say, “It’s my turn,” and new ones will come onto the team. So, you won’t have an escalated life of energy because, again, you’re here for a greater purpose. But that’s not a criticism of other people that are here, and they may have no intention, no interest in doing anything with their life. But that’s their life journey, and it’s meant to be. And that’s why we don’t have judgment.


Tiffany: Judgment is an interesting concept. What’s your relationship to it, and how has it evolved?


Garry: Okay. I was very judgmental as I was growing up, but that was more the dissatisfaction in myself, and I had these high expectations of different things, and when those expectations were not delivered, you know, I was critical. Now, as I have evolved and will continue to evolve, what happens there is if my philosophy is that there is a divine creator, and that divine creator has manifested everything in the universe and accorded for the word God, divine creator, if that divine creator has then said, “Okay, I have these spirits that are going to be in this body of Garry, and these spirits are here to learn.” If that’s the Garry, isn’t it possible that the divine created would say, “We have Tiffany’s physical body,” and then that is spirits that are here to learn? So, if it’s coming from the greater source, how am I to say that I’m greater to pass judgment in what the divine creator of the universe decrees is going to be for that person? Now, does that person who commits atrocities, do I judge them? No, but what I do choose to do is to have my values and principles and that person’s values and principles do not resonate with mine while they’re on their life journey.


Tiffany: With your view of judgment now, do you find that you still attract people who are judgmental, or are other people not in your…? Do you know what I’m trying to say or trying to ask?


Garry: Well, because I’m vibrating at such a different level and a higher level of energy, that more of attraction is that’s who I draw to me. So, therefore, if I’m drawing higher energized people, they will be less judgmental. But one of the things I learned about myself was that if I have a moment of judgment, what I do then is I hold the mirror to myself and instead of saying, “Oh, that person has done this,” I hold the mirror to myself and say, “Garry, is that what you’ve been doing?” So, it becomes a reflection itself that if I made a judgment of someone who say I don’t like that, or I don’t think they should say that or do this, it stand back a reflection of the mirror and say to myself, “Maybe this is what you got to learn within yourself to elevate you, to free yourself who you are as in that finessing, that incremental finessing on my own growth and development, both, from a soul perspective and from a spiritual perspective and from the physical perspective.


Tiffany: So, using your interactions or your relationships as mirrors almost or what?


Garry: Not almost.


Tiffany: Exactly?


Garry: Yeah. So, having met you, I don’t ask, Why have I met you?” I ask, “What is the purpose?” And as I see beauty in you and I see energy as you and I see this radiance of energy, I then look at you and say, “Okay, now, if this is a mirror of myself or are you the face of the divine, what are you here to teach me? What am I to learn from that interaction with you?” And there’s some people you meet in your life, and it may be just one-off, but they can have a profound effect on you. I’ll relate a story to you. Twelve months ago, I came into the city, and again, I read Paramahansa Yogananda’s book, and I reference him in my meditation with love and gratitude. And I was just literally down the road here in Melbourne, it’s literally about 500 meters on the corner, and I’d gotten my appointment early, so I was actually reading the newspaper on a park bench. Then I became very aware that someone was standing in front of me and I looked up over the top of the paper, and it was a street person, disheveled, hadn’t shaved. And I looked up, and the first instance the judgment could have been, “Oh, my God.Why is a street person confronting me?” But the voice came back to me that when I’d read in Paramahansa’s book that behind every face can be God. Having had that memory flashback to me, I then said to this person, I said, “Hello, my name’s Garry. What can I do for you? What would you like to talk about?” And that person then just moved into a conversation talking about my connection with Hinduism, my connection with Buddhism, my connection in there that’s saying learn more about Islam, and then reeled off a number of other things that were just so personable and pertinent to where I was.


I’m actually resonating. I could actually feel this happening again. So, when that conversation had come to its conclusion, I thanked him, and he said, “That’s okay, Garry,” and he just left. He just totally left. So, I went to my meeting, finished the meeting. You can imagine I wasn’t that focused on my reading, having had that, what I would call the divine experience of behind every face is God. So, I went downstairs after the meeting, got back on to the street, and I was back, and I was about to go and thought, “I wonder where he is? And I looked around, all of a sudden, there he was, only 15 meters away at a fountain. So it was the that, bench I’d been sitting on a closet that was this drink fountain. And he’s standing on the curbside of it. And I went up to him, and he’s standing, and he’s got tears running down his cheek. And I said, “I just had to come and say thank you for having a conversation. I have to say thank you to you for conveying the divine message.” And he said, “That’s okay, Garry.” And I said, “What’s your name?” And he said, “Kevin.” And with that, he just disappeared. He just walked away. So, that was a divine message that I’m conveying to you is that behind every face is the face of God. And it’s then looking at that face and wondering and asking, “What is the purpose of meeting that person? Why are we here to learn from that person?” And it can be a fleeting moment, and it could be a smile on the train. It could be the way someone conveys a thank you. So, if all of those things elevate your own energy, doesn’t it make sense that we do that as so, that if you see someone, and you say thank you, or I really appreciate that, if you tell someone you love them, and there are many types of love, but you actually tell them you love them? And that power… You know, the Christian Bible talks about the power of the word, but the real power is the word love. And again, many types in love, but if you can pass on your energy of love to someone, it’s impossible for them not to stay the way they are. They have to change. It’s impossible. So, then you understand the connection with love for the heart. It’s the heart that is open, and that’s the door to the divine creator. That is the portal into the divine creator. And you’ll see in some religions where they’ll have… example, Christian faith, they’ll have Jesus with the sacred heart. The symbolism of the sacred heart is that that is the portal into the divine.


Tiffany: Yeah. I heard or read… It’s been coming up a lot in my peripheral, the notion that we don’t think with our minds, we think with our hearts. Have you heard of that or…? Of course.


Garry: Well, perhaps I’d redefine that for myself is that we think with our minds and the thinking of the mind is stepping back into a subconscious, which is the historical from our environment and our epigenetics. However, instead of thinking, which is the invitation of the subconscious to take over, it’s in the feeling that then is the connector, and that is the conduit, that feeling conduit into the heart, which is then into through the portal. And anyone that I have a long conversation with, if they say, “I think this, and I think that. Oh, look, I think this,” I know I’m having a conversation with their subconscious. But, if someone is advanced and at a higher energetic level, they’ll say things like, “Oh, I feel this. I feel that,” or, “My interpretation is that I feel we shouldn’t be doing this. I feel we should try this.” So, when someone says “think,” I immediately have a different listening because that’s coming from their subconscious, so they’re telling me their history. But if someone says, “I feel,” what they’re doing is telling me that their now, their very presence now.


Tiffany: I used to use the words “I feel” a lot, but then I got a lot of shit for it because people say feelings… People really discount other people’s feelings. I think maybe it could be grouped with emotions in terms of what other people think and feel. So, for a while, for a period of my life, I developed my mind, and I would use “I think” or other words. But now I’m back to “feel.” And people still give me shit for it, but I’m like, “I don’t care.”


Garry: Yeah. But see, do you feel more powerful in yourself by saying “I feel” rather than “I think?”


Tiffany: Yeah.


Garry: Okay. So, full stop. If people are, you say, choosing to give you shit when you say I feel, is it possible that all they’re doing is responding to the spirits of experience from their past and their environment, that they are to learn something from you about that power of that word thinking or feeling? That whether they know it or not, when you say feeling and they push back on it, it’s actually pushing some buttons for them to vibrate differently that at some stage there is that awakening. So, it’s like having your laptop. The file is open, but they may not be accessing it when you have said feeling. Because if you say feeling,what flows on from then is love. So, if you’re feeling something, that moves you toward love, and that’s where many people in the West don’t understand love. So, if you look at the joyful times in your life is when if you’ve been loved and generally God-like knowing, aren’t you at your most powerful? But beyond that, the most powerful thing is to love yourself. That Whitney Houston song, you know, “The Greatest Love Of All,” is to love yourself. But in the Christian-Judeo world, that’s being selfish, that’s being egocentric. That’s to joke really, you know, you can’t love yourself. Well, my philosophy is that you can, and let’s find the best ways for you to love yourself because then you vibrate differently, you resonate differently, you draw people to you that are in that same energetic space. What does that do? It elevates who you are. If it elevates who you are, you then move to a higher level of vibration, and then you meet a new group of people vibrating at a high level, and the love of self grows and grows. And I encourage people in my life to be…you know, as a transformational strategist, is to be able to say to people, “We’re gonna learn how to be self-full. Not selfish, self-full. You can be joyful. So, we learn to be self-full. So, for example, you get on an airplane, and the video comes on and says in the event of an emergency, the oxygen masks drop. And what do they say to do?


Tiffany: Take care of yourself first before taking care of anybody else.


Garry: Exactly. So, if you can be great for yourself, being self-full of self, and you’re creating a dynamic energy of that, doesn’t it make sense that that will transfer across to other people, and you can be of greater value to them?


Tiffany: Definitely.


Garry: So, in that example of being self-full and elevating your energy, people learn from my observations, four ways. The first is by the dynamic power which we speak, by the integrity and strength of what we write. The third one is, people learn from us by the example that we set when we are being watched and we don’t know it. And the fourth way people learn is the energy that we emit, that we vibrate out, that will influence people. So, the four ways that we learn, the more that we learn with love, the more that we learn with our vibration, and we attract more people at a higher vibration level, don’t you think that we can then have a profound effect by the dynamic way we speak, by the power of the words that we write, by the example we set to others when we don’t know we’re being watched and that divine energy that we’re omitting because we’re vibrating at a higher level? If people can get the message on those four points, and they can then look within about being self-full to self-grow, they have to have an effect on other people. Here’s an example. If you find that you would meet someone and they pull that negative energy, you already can pick that up. So, are you drawn to that person if you’re at a high vibrating level?


Tiffany: No.


Garry: As an observer, if you see that person and you feel that energy is really low vibration, if you then have a look at the five closest friends they’ve got, every chance is they will be low vibration as well. And that’s not a judgment, but there’ll be a low vibrational level. However, for example, I’ve met you, you vibrate at one of the highest levels of anyone I’ve ever met. So, we have a resonance together. We have a coming together of two energies that are vibrating at a much higher level. So, the higher we can elevate ourselves and the higher that we can take ourselves in the company and presence of other people will draw those people to us. And that’s where someone says, “Are you starting to get lucky?” No. All I’m doing is vibrating at a higher level. But on that pathway of vibrating at a higher level, there are still things in the back of who we are that we need to perpetually, continually work a plan and implement that plan. I’ve seen people go to workshops and seminars and read books, and they listen to audios, and they watch YouTubes, and they are the most informed knowledge of people to be able to articulate what they’ve heard. But yet when they step away from it, they’re still the same person.


And part of that is they haven’t developed their life purpose. They haven’t been able to define the desires they have in what I call the seven pillars of life. And as a result, they just go out of the seminars or workshops, and they do nothing more than go back to their default. And I’ve seen people that have gone to these motivational talks and they buy the books because they’re so vibrating. This is fantastic. And they buy these books. They take them home, and they don’t even take them out of the cellophane. So, if people are going to vibrate at a higher level, they’ve got to be able to take control. It’s what we’re talking about earlier about freedom. They’ve got to take control of themselves and own themselves. But in order to do that, they have to learn to believe that they deserve love, success, pleasure. They need to learn that they deserve it. Now, as they get… So, the self-belief is one thing, the next level is deserving. And as they get through that hump, the next one is accepting, that it is okay to accept love, it’s okay to accept success, it’s okay to accept being a leader. So, those areas of self-belief, deserving to accept, and then the deserving, and then the, accepting they’re the pathways by actually that transformational leadership, that that’s my role is to help people find their life purpose.


Tiffany: I’ve found a lot of benefit in clearing also, clearing and cleansing, because I used to…I can relate like a physical building because I’ve been very athletic my whole entire life. I’ve done a lot of lifting and in order…a lot of, you know, the concept in order to build your body, the best thing to do is to reduce your amount of body fat. So then you shed, and then you build. And so, that’s my relation to there’s a physical shedding, there’s an emotional shedding, there’s a mental shedding, and then from there, you can start to build. You can… Yeah, that’s what I can relate to.


Garry: And that’s symbolism. Like, it’s a conversation for another time, but why you like that and so many other people are not? So, what’s happening is you’re building an edifice. You know, the Buddhists taught me that your body is your temple. So, if you use the example of your body and you talk about the cleansing, you talk about the quality of the food that you take in, the water you drink, the sleep that you have, just the self-presence, what you’re doing then is building this edifice, which means unless there’s a greater plan, you’re going to be here for longer in human terms. But you might be here for a limited time in human terms, but by being that walking, talking, living example physically, energetically, that you can have a profound effect on the entire world in the divine space if that makes sense. So, your body is the temple, and the more you take care of your body, the more that you’re going to be able to… Because it’s a free… If you look at your seven chakras, if someone is overweight and then they don’t have self-belief and a self-deserve, and they don’t know how to accept, they’re gonna keep eating, and that’s because they have got a low self-esteem. But the low self-esteem is about this journey of their spirits they’re delaying. So, God bless them. That’s where they’re meant to be. But you’re an exception. You’re one of those very, very rare people on this planet that has a calling, that has been chosen, that is going to influence the lives of thousands and thousands and thousands of people. It just is. There’s a full stop after that.


Tiffany: What shifts in perspective have saved your life, and how did you earn them?


Garry: What saved my life?


Tiffany: Well…


Garry: Okay, what saved my life? At some of the most black times of my life, there was still this underpinning of you will have challenges, but you’ll never be alone. And back in 2013, when I had what I’ve referred to as my life-death experience, the anchor for my continuing to seek how I would go forward was the reference point for my three children. I didn’t come into this earth, and they didn’t come and choose me as their father for me to invert a commerce cop-out. So, to my eldest daughter, Annalise, and to my son, Ronan, and to my daughter, Stephanie, they were my safety net of being able to have a perspective that I can get through this, that something greater will happen out of this human sadness and this… Because again, if you look back at this human sadness or the death of who I was, that death was the parting of, the completion of the spirits that were in, within me, they were leaving because I’d got to that point they had nothing further to serve me on. So, they left, and that leaving was a death. And it’s a bit like it was we’re talking now and it’s just been Easter, just past, that, you know, in life there is the crucifixion in Christian terms, and that is the death but, you know, leading up to that, the trauma and tragedy, then there is the death. Then, there’s the three days later is the resurrection. And if you’re apply that symbolism to yourself, but there’s one thing that’s missing in our thinking is in the symbolism of it, just not the resurrection, the next part that’s critical is the ascension.


And if people understand the ascension, that whatever happens, it’s taking you to the next level, you are ascending to the next level, it’s then what is the life journey now that you’ve ascended? And that again can be that greater connection into your soul, that greater connection into your spirits, that greater connection into your physical. So, if you look at the three of them, you know, there’s the death, the crucifixion, there is the resurrection, and the third one. And the power of the third one is the ascension. So, if we have these life changes, it’s just going to the next level. And if you understand how the ascension works, that gives you freedom. And I thinks, “Oh, my God.” Literally, I’m saying, “Oh, my God. I am connected.”


Tiffany: One way I’ve been… So, ascension is a term that’s been coming up for me a lot lately also, but I can relate that…


Garry: So, can I just…? Two things on that. You’ve told me when we were talking previously that purpose is one word, and now you’re saying ascension. See, you’re going through already a profound transformation.


Tiffany: Always. I’m always trans-… I’ve felt that my whole life, like all the time, I’m just like a new person almost every day.


Garry: Well, yeah, there is a death every day.


Tiffany: But one of those, thinking about the ascension, I like the way that you put that because something that…another way of looking at that is, you’ve probably heard, “This too shall pass,” and also having…this could possibly be super frustrating for people, but having gratitude for what you’re going through, because you know that when you come out on the other end, you’ll be somebody new. It’s all part of the process.


Garry: Correct.


Tiffany: So, I like the new frame of reference that you gave me, the ascension


Garry: Yeah. So, if you look at that, it’s not in isolation. It is this moment. It’s today. It’s this week or this month that you will have regular deaths, you will have regular resurrections, and you will have regular ascensions. And it’ll be happening every minute of your life. And then you look at the more profound things where there’s been tragedies, there’s been significant sadness, they are more profound that it will have an effect on you, again, as a death of self, and that’s the spirits leaving, ready for new ones to come in. It is then the resurrection, that those spirits then come in. And then there is the ascension of that those new spirits will take you to a higher level. But that higher level happens every day if you’re open to it, and you live in love, gratitude to the divine, and then you focus on serving others, not at your own expense, but in serving others.


Tiffany: I’m gonna ask you maybe two more questions. One is, do you use visualization?


Garry: It’s a good question. I’ve always, for some reason, found this a block of visualizing.


Tiffany: Oh, I just see.


Garry: So, I’ve tried to use other skills of being able to manifest. But I must say in the last literally four weeks, it’s something that I’ve put out there that I’m looking to learn more and have that gift, that divine gift of being able to visualize. So, that’s something I’m going through as a whole. There’s a death, and there’s a resurrection and the ascension taking place now with me in being able to visualize. And being able to visualize that can help fast track. But if you can’t visualize, there are other ways of energy around things, and that can be writing it down, you know, getting it out of your head and writing it down, getting it from your heart and writing it down. Because part of my ritual every day is to write down my gratitude. So, part of my ritual every day is to write down what my own goals are, and part of my own ritual, for example, you know, when I do my, when people get my book, “Living Your Life With Purpose,” or they then move into the life shop of “Living Your Life With Purpose,” And at the end of it, they know their life purpose, so I know my life purpose. I then know within the seven pillars of my life, which is everyone’s life I’ve defined, those seven pillars are my mind life growth, my spiritual life growth, my community life growth, my relationship life growth, my financial life growth, my work-life growth, and my physical life growth.


By the way, all of those are color-coded to match up with the seven chakras. So, as I step into that, my rituals, then I’ll be drawn to do, I need to be working on my heart for relationship with self or with others? Do I need to dedicate myself, for example, my third chakra, my throat of connecting more with community? So, I’m an example of building a whole community. So, from the seven pillars, I have four or five different affirmations with each of the seven pillars. So, every morning, I will read my affirmation of my life purpose and to 33 different affirmations fitting with the seven pillars. But, I still get attacked via the colors by my subconscious and saying, “Oh, hey, you don’t really need to do this.” So, you become very mindful of that. And being mindful, all I do is put the earbuds in or if I’m myself, I’ll just put, in my mobile phone, I’ve recorded my life purpose, I’ve recorded my affirmations. I’ll turn it on and just listen to it. And what that does, it displaces the thoughts that are there from the subconscious that’s trying to maintain control. But they will continue, and again, they continue to be reviewed. For today example, I’ve had a conversation with you. I’ve had an insight about part of my affirmations that I will infuse the word “visualization” into my affirmation which, that’ll come into my spiritual life growth, and I’ll infuse that into there so that you become even more mindful. Now, something just came to me a moment ago when we were talking, and it’s an explanation of who we are. We have people…


Tiffany: Who we are or who humans are?


Garry: Who we are, or what we are as an individual. Let’s call it that. So, this is Garry, the individual.


Tiffany: Got it.


Garry: It was predetermined, pre-ordained that based on my genetic background, I would be born and have spirits that would be placed into a certain environment, and that certain environment as we’ve talked earlier is losing your mother. My mom died when I was three-and-a-half, so that set the environment. Now, that can have a profound effect on how I decided to respond to it with my life. So, the influence of my epigenetics and the influence of my environment bought together was who I was. Now, this is where people live a life of beating themselves up. I don’t like this about myself. Why can’t I do this? And I should be better at this? All they’re doing is responding to their epigenetics. So, anything that’s happening in someone’s life, here’s the big message. The global message is,it’s not your fault. It is not your fault. All you’re doing is responding to, again, your epigenetics, the genetics that have been transferred historically through to you and the environment you were born into. Where it becomes your responsibility from that millisecond understanding that is, right, what do we do? So, what we see people living in is they have a thought, and thoughts are built around emotions, and those emotions become beliefs. Those beliefs become habits. And I keep living it out. So, if you can imagine you got your mind and then something happens, someone says something, they see something, they hear something, they smell something, it creates an immediate reaction. That’s an emotion, that creates a habit, so that creates a response. Then they just go straight back into their old mind software program.


Now, people who are a bit more elevated, they’ll have what I call mindful moments. So, they’ll have a thought. It doesn’t resonate with them, and they’ll pause, and they’ll have mindfulness. But when they step out of mindfulness, where do they go? They still go back to the old mind software program based on their epigenetics and their environment. Now, here’s the point of universal difference. The gift that I’ve been given is to enable people now to be able to become mindful of their thoughts. So, they have a thought, they understand what mindfulness is and practice mindfulness, so they have mindfulness, and they have a choice. They can either go to their old mind software program based on epigenetics and environment or…and this is what I’m able to teach people to do, which is profound changing for them is that mindful, they could then move across their new mind software program.


So, they have a choice. They can go to the old mind software program, or they can go to a new mind software program, and they choose what they put in that new mind software program. So, they can keep loading in more profound things. What can they learn from their mind life growth? What can they infuse into or in…? What can they put into their spiritual life growth? What can they put into the new life software program regarding dedicating to community? What can they put into the new mind software program about relationships? What can they put into the new mind software program relating to money? What can they put into the new mind human software program or new software program for work? What can they put it into the new mind software program for physical? So, those seven pillars, we work on the focus of those seven pillars. And that’s what we infuse, inject into, party into this new mind software program. So, we now have total control. And with total control of what we put in is that learning the techniques of how you become mindful of either being drawn back into the old mind software program or making that very conscious decision to be able to move into the new mind software program that we’ve created. Once people get that, they then had the invitation to take ownership of something really profound. Two things. One is clarity of love, and the second one is universal freedom. They now have freedom to choose what they put in that new mind software program. They then have the choice and the freedom to be able to live that life of everything that they implant into the new mind software program. It’s that simple.


Tiffany: So, do you think…? I have two questions that come from that. Actually, one comment. One, I also had a visualization block around 2013, maybe is when I discovered it, and now I use it, like, every day for everything. So, if you want any life practice tips…


Garry: You’re here to teach me.


Tiffany: I can help in that area. But the second thing was, so do you think the main challenge then is getting the word out to the people that there is a choice, there is an option?


Garry: Yeah, absolutely. So, it’s based on your environmental and your genetic background. That’s who you are at this moment. So, anything that’s transpired, anything, if it hasn’t worked, it’s not your fault. So, from this time forth, stop beating yourself up because you now have a choice that you can create a whole new way of thinking by creating a new life software program. That’s your freedom. Now, people have a choice. Do they want to live with freedom, or are people happy to be unhappy, or are people happy to be fearful? The next part, again, of this spirit’s journey as to the significance and the dynamic way that they choose to go forward or stay in that space because their spirits are like [inaudible 01:06:03]


Tiffany: Cool. Thank you so much. This was an awesome interview. What’s really interesting just real quick, I’ve got to run, but I’m getting a lot of messages to return to my faith. And when I say faith, I mean the religion that I was brought up in, which is Christianity.


Garry: Okay. Interesting.


Tiffany: And a lot of these words kind of co-mingle, like, communion is one. Like, faith is another. But…


Garry: What would happen if people said, “Oh, well, you are a Christian,” or whatever, well, I’ve chosen in my elevation to say that I believe in a divine creator, and if I say I’m a Christian, is it possible that I’m making Hindus or Buddhists or people from Islam wrong? Rather than to say that I have a faith and a divine connection with a God without defining the God, which humans do, and as part of the soul’s collection of growth, the spirits of people are then introduced into their environment of connection with a religion. Put put religion aside, you know, Jean-Jacques Rousseau said, you know, the only thing wrong with Christianity is religion. So, if you can embrace the faith of Christianity, which is about love, if you can embrace the faith of Buddhism, which is peace, if you can embrace the faith of Hinduism, which is enlightenment, as an example, or Daoism, you know, that’s saying, go with the flow. So, you look at the flow of water. So, if you can embrace the faith of those, not the religion, and step beyond the -rules and interpretations and manipulations, and look to the absolute core and essence of what that faith is there to teach. So, Christianity is love. Buddhism is peace, and Hinduism, for example, is enlightenment.


Tiffany: I have never heard the religions described that way, and I love it.


Garry: Well, to be truthful with you, I’ve never described it that way because very much of our conversation that we’ve had because of who you are and the safe divine space that you have let me step into, is that many of the things that we’ve talked about, I don’t remember, because you heard of channeling. That’s a message for millions to understand, that you don’t have to go into a physical building to be in partnership and divine partnership with God. You can be in the essence of the sitting beside the ocean. You can be in the essence of walking in the bush. You can be in the essence of sitting in Paris, anywhere in the world. You know, you could be anywhere in the world, but you can still be in partnership with faith. And my great growth for me is looking to infuse peace, to infuse, love, to infuse enlightenment so that that will elevate my energy and the possibility that it might be one person who’s alive I can touch that can be elevated to the next level of what their life purpose is and why they’re here on this earth. But that’s just not me. That is what I’m calling everyone to consider doing, is to become a disciple of themself and to take that message to millions.


Tiffany: Thanks, Garry.


Garry: You’re welcome. Well done to you. You are a global leader. Own it.

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