Episode 6: T’s True Podcast Story – Outpost Cold Brew

Episode Description: This episode explores entrepreneurship, starting a beverage company, and strategizing. The stories range from learning the benefits of unpasteurized cold pressed coffee and making cold brew coffee to starting Outpost Cold Brew and how it became the best cold brew coffee in LA.



This is T’s True Podcast Story – Outpost Cold Brew. Where you get the lowdown on what actually happened to LA’s most beloved cold brew coffee brand. Garrett and Gee conduct the interview. They are UCLA MBA students working on their end of year thesis; a business plan for cold brew coffee. They asked to interview me to gain insights about product viability, consumer behavior, next steps, what they can expect from starting a cold brew coffee brand, and they asked what happened to Outpost. Get ready for some juicy information about the beverage industry and some never before heard information about the best cold brew 2014 had to offer. Of course, I’m a little bias.




Episode Notes:

  • Introduction from Garreth and Gee – 1:38
  • choosing their thesis project and an experience in entrepreneurship – 3:29
  • Why deciding on pursuing an MBA in entrepreneurship – 5:28
  • Tiffany’s background in entrepreneurship – 9:10
  • The start of Outpost – 14:28
  • The process and struggles on self-brewing the cold brew – 20:22
  • Strategizing on a beverage company idea – 33:25
  • Knowing where you want your brand to be – 34:45
  • Their thesis layout and becoming entrepreneurs – 38:38
  • Your product vs competitors – 42:19
  • Calling it quits with Outpost – 47:12
  • The advantages of finding connections – 55:03
  • Finding your group’s specialties – 56:39
  • Thinking ahead and running all numbers – 57:43
  • Customer demographics – 1:00:28
  • Moving to the next project and rebranding – 1:02:51
  • Recap: decision making, limitations, branding – 1:07:49
  • Important lessons and advice in entrepreneurship – 1:13:33
  • Knowing When an Idea is Worth Pursuing – 1:19:28
  • Closing – 1:21:19

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