Episode 7: Word of Mouth Expert – Martin Bailey

Episode Description: This episode explores word of mouth, marketing strategies and defining what it is. The stories range from learning Amazon’s business model and the shift in product demand through reviews to networking in a new environment and learning to be specific in knowing what you want.



This episode starts a little differently. Just thought I give you guys a heads up. Thought it was interesting the pre convo I was having with Martin about self-acceptance and personality. In this episode, I interview word of mouth marketing expert, Martin Bailey. Martin has a wealth of knowledge and he’s super calm and collected and articulate. I sound like an amateur next to him with my many “ums,” fragmented sentences, poor grammar, stutters, etc etc. This episode is packed with amazing information around mindset, product creation, marketing, the principles of marketing, word of mouth, referrals, what the most important factor in asking for referrals is and how to start a networking group. Which Martin goes into detail about how he gets sponsors, how he gets members and how he has expanded. Sooo much more, so thank you for listening and….and..and and and andddd…and enjoy the show with Martin Bailey word of mouth marketing expert.



Word of Mouth Marketing Australia – http://www.wommau.com/

Delivering Happiness – https://www.amazon.com/Delivering-Happiness-Profits-Passion-Purpose/dp/0446576220

Rocket Science Not Required by Martin Bailey Coming Soon

The 7 Areas on Word of mouth and relational marketing:

  • Feedback and Innovation
  • Conversations
  • Education
  • Cultural/Coltrin Systems or Customer Feedback
  • Analysis and Promotion
  • Collaboration and Relationships
  • Customer Experience Process

Episode Notes:

  • Using your personal strengths and weakness in life/Myers Briggs- 2:00
  • Preparing yourself before public speaking – 3:30
  • Brief inside on Martin Bailey – 5:03
  • A shift in product by customer demand through amazon reviews – 9:09
  • Being analytical in perspectives – 12:38
  • The differences between a face to face meeting and a phone/skype call – 17:15
  • Going out and networking in a new environment – 20:18
  • The 7 Areas on Word of mouth and relational marketing – 25:27
  • Learning from Amazon’s Business Model – 32:16
  • Currently Writing a Book – 34:00
  • An Emotional input into your work – 34:56
  • When is it a good time to ask for a referral? –  36:40
  • Learning to be specific and knowing what you want – 41:44
  • Martins Plans for his Word of Mouth Groups – 49:39
  • How someone becomes a member – 52:11
  • How do you get your sponsors? – 57:41
  • Have you ever thought of a combined conference with all network groups – 59:51
  • Have you heard of Bill Murray Showing up at an advertised party? – 1:00:56
  • Closing – 1:02:50

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