Episode 8: Popsicle Designs and Messy Veggies – Jaime and Simon Hall

Episode Description: This episode explores what digital marketing is and its roles. The stories range from understanding what the audience wants and how to get 100,000 likes to learning how to market to your audience and strategizing to succeed in your passion projects.



Hello everybody, this episode is with Jaime and Simon Hall from Popsicle Designs, a digital marketing agency. It covers a lot of ground, so get your pens ready because we talk digital marketing strategy, making big life decisions, knowing when and how to pivot, how to get 100k video views on Facebook, and so much more. If you don’t have pens, don’t worry, question markers are always in the show notes. At the beginning of the episode, it kinda sounds like I’m ignoring Jaime. But I really just wanted to dig in Simon’s mindset around quitting his secure job in finance and becoming an entrepreneur. Sometimes it’s really hard to take a leap of faith and I have a lot of respect for people who do and follow that voice inside of them. It’s a lot easier said than done sometimes. So these 2 are very very dear friends of mine and this episode is a lot of fun. It was so fun to record, but it’s also really fun to listen to and we all have a lot of great synergy. So I hope you enjoy.



Messy Veggies – http://messyveggies.com/

Popsicle Designs Digital Marketing – http://www.popsicledesigns.com.au/


Episode Notes:

  • Welcome to the Show – 2:05
  • What is Popsicle? – 2:26
  • How did you decide to leave the financial service industry? – 3:20
  • Starting the side hustle – 5:05
  • Was it easy making the transition? – 5:41
  • Messy Veggies – 7:40
  • How long does it take to make a video? – 12:12
  • Time comparison with magazine and video – 13:57
  • Are you still doing Instagram? – 15:49
  • How do you get 100k likes, shares, views? – 16:06
  • Is there a formula in videos that gets these likes? – 17:21
  • How do you know what to capture? – 18:34
  • What is your posting strategy? – 24:15
  • Any other platforms? – 27:02
  • How far ahead do you plan posts, the strategy, and sharing? – 28:56
  • How do you what your audience shares? – 32:56
  • Instagram will become the one-click ordering stop – 35:44
  • A ban on Australians buying from Amazon.com – 37:00
  • An opportunity to grow businesses online in Australia – 38:08
  • Current major pain points, including monetization – 39:15
  • Competing in the digital market and a recommendation – 40:09
  • Teamwork – 41:35
  • Coming up with an ad strategy – 44:15
  • How do you get to know your clients? -45:03
  • Last closing thoughts: vlogging, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram stories and an embarrassing photo exposure moment – 49:53
  • Closing – 56:24

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