Episode 9: Real Talk Daily Download Friday – Alexa, Exes, Family & Weekly Points

Episode Description: This episode explores mindset, understanding your purpose, desires, and addiction. The stories range from encountering a heartbroken stranger and when to know the needed information to help someone to doing what you love and be willing to give it up.



Hello everybody. This is a little bit of an experimental episode. It’s like Friday daily downloads. That might be what it’s called. Basically it’s a lot of rambling for me in the beginning, a lot of heavy breathing into the mic. There’s a therapy session, there’s a Tiffany ex boyfriend/family therapy session from somewhere in there. I write things to myself throughout the week. Get little epiphanies if we wanna call it that. This is a compilation of 5 from the past week. I just thought it might be cool to do that. It’s common sense, but it’s also a little bit spiritual. So let me know if you enjoy. I hope you do and if not then….I guess this one was just for me. Anyway, guys, enjoy!



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