Gating Products on Amazon to Protect Your Brand


This post is for brands and manufactures who are interested in learning more about gating their products on Amazon. We’ll identify what gating is, reasons to gate your brand and products targeted for counterfeiting.

What is Gating and Why do you need it?

Sellers of gated products require approval by Amazon to sell.  As a result of gating, all listings of the product are deactivated until Amazon approves the seller. It is not necessary to have an Amazon storefront or account to get your product gated.

How do sellers get approved for selling gated products?

  • Submit a request to sell the gated item.
  • Provide a letter of approval from the manufacture.
  • Send 3 invoices from orders placed within the last 90 days.

Reasons to gate:

  • To discourage price wars
  • Remove unauthorized sellers
  • Precautionary action against counterfeiting
  • Consumer safety and protect brand quality

Read this article on Amazon’s buy box to find out more about price wars.

Gating to Remove and Prevent Unauthorized Sellers

Legit manufactures and distributors make sellers adhere to strict policies. Amazon allows aliases (storefront names) that are different from company names. In order to avoid adhering to policies, unauthorized sellers create and sell under aliases. Aliases make sellers untraceable.

Examples of policies sellers look to avoid:

  • Agreeing not to sell on 3rd party websites.
  • MAP.
  • Agreeing not to resell.

After a brand is gated, all listings sold by unauthorized sellers are deactivated. Unauthorized sellers have a difficult time producing a letter of approval and three invoices within the past 90 days.

Gating for Consumer Safety

You can only guarantee the safety of products manufactured by you and sold by authorized sellers. Unauthorized sellers lead to price wars and ill representation of your brand. Low prices, bad reviews and unpleasant customer experiences can shatter a brand image. We’ll talk more about counterfeiting below but it’s another safety issue. Counterfeiters could be made with lower quality and unsafe materials. As a result, your company could be held liable for anything sold under the listing.

What makes your product a target for counterfeiting

Products made in China and anything easily replicable are targets for counterfeiting.

With that said products made of plastic, glass, rubber and metal that are machine made are targets. Chinese manufactures advertise knock offs on Alibaba. Go to and type your brand name into the search to see if counterfeits of your products are being sold. Another way to look up counterfeits is by searching Alibaba for generic terms for your brand like, “silicon pot covers.”

Counterfeited products look the same, are sold with a branded retail box but are inferior in quality. There’s little incentive to sell counterfeits on Amazon if the product is gated. Due to this reason, gating adds one more step of protection against counterfeiting.

In conclusion, it’s important to protect your brand, get your products gated!

Read this article about how to gate your brand.

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