How Law of Attraction Works and How to Apply Law of Attraction

Think and Grow Rich

What came first: negative thinking or hitting rock bottom?

Hitting rock bottom in life is hard enough, but it also makes you a magnet for negativity. Or is it the other way around? Well, it’s probably more like constant negative thoughts lead to a downward spiral and when we’ve been at the “bottom”for an extended period of time, we call it depression. Thanks to my record breaking incompatible taste in men, I was in that exact sorry state back in 2014. Miserable life-long thoughts turned into actions which turned into habits which turned into my DEFAULT state. Miserable. Boo hoo.

Most people on sabbatical travel…I READ (?)

On a sabbatical from my MISERABLE relationship I came across a book that made such a massive impact on my life and mindset. Ok it didn’t hit massive impact status first. The idea made me ultimately and utterly confused. I was so confused that I was determined to obtain the correct information, to get it right. So I set out on a path of questions and learning fueled by my confusion. Answers came in the form of life experiences in which I was able to add context to my studies. Then the massive impact hit. Ok so what are we talking about? I’m talking about the introduction of Law of Attraction through a book, Think and Grow Rich, by Napoleon Hill. I still flip through this book everyday and today I landed on my favorite chapter. The chapter that started my journey with confusion and a burning desire to KNOW. The chapter is titled “Transmutation of Sex” and I literally understood every word in this book but I could not understand TRANSMUTATION. Googling and reading the definition did nothing for my understanding and neither did finding a real dictionary or thesaurus. I asked everyone I knew, even miserable sabbatical relationship dude and that was the last thing I wanted to do at the time, TRUST. Despite everyone’s attempts at defining this word, they were just walking in a pitch black room with their eyes open and arms out feeling around hoping to bump into something that slightly resembled an understanding, no offense.

The Law of Attraction

Through this word that kept pestering me, I learned the Law of Attraction from first hand experience.  So does the law of attraction work? YES. And it works as prescribed but your ability to see it working is like your ability to see your children growing. It starts with a burning desire. Oh and for those of you who are interested, transmutation is the act of turning one thing into something else. It’s the ability to take something (a situation, an idea, negativity, a lemon) and turn it into something else. It’s the ability of a chemist, magician, medicine man, baker or artist. Here’s a post about turning lemons into lemonade that might help explain things better.

How to make it work faster

All the spiritual people say we already have law of attraction, there’s nothing we need to do to make it work, it’s already working. All you need to do is let go and let the Universe take over. Imagine what you want and you will have it. Everything you want will be yours. I say, BS. We’ve been trained to think, act, hold on, crave control etc. There are many many years of undoing that need to be done. Law of Attraction IS working right now, true. But it’s probably working for all the things that need to be undone. So put a halt to all those things that need to be undone. Replace them with new things. And be RELENTLESS ABOUT IT. You have to want it as bad as I wanted to KNOW whole heartedly what transmutation meant. There’s a funny story about affirmations I’ll tell the world some day but I wanted LOA to work so bad I did some crazy and embarrassing things. You have to desire LOA to work so bad for you that you’re willing to do anything. You have to believe it works (faith) in order to be in that state. Then you have to DO WHATEVER IT TAKES to make it happen. Ask yourself where you’re falling short. Then focus on that one area for a solid week. Then move onto the next area. Your goal is to become a LOF master. There’s not a school for this like there’s school for your masters degree or your black belt or your wine certification.

How to make it work EVEN FASTER

There’s another trick that will increase the probability of LOA working for you and it’s positivity. Some other ways to say positivity are: positive thinking, self talk, raising your vibration and practicing gratitude. There’s a saying that if you hold onto a pleasant memory for 16 seconds, it will attract a surge of positivity that can transport the happiness from your spiritual, non-physical side into your physical being. Try it. I was tired of all the pessimism, so I applied that hack to be aware and take control of my negative patterns. I got myself a journal scribbled down cheery thoughts and things I was grateful for. It served as my personal bank of positivity that I could tap into anytime. At first it was really difficult to do. So I had to write it down and I had to practice being thankful even though I couldn’t’ feel it. Eventually I was able to appreciate experiences in real time and really feel what gratitude felt like. And now I can tap into it at any moment. I spend 5 minuets in the morning remembering all my positive and happy moments. The more I do this the easier it gets but I’m not going to lie and say it was a piece of cake at the beginning. I didn’t even know if I was doing it right. Doing these things will up your happiness levels and when you are happy and positive you are closer to getting what you want, courtesy of Law of Attraction. Click here to read more about gratitude practice.

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