Improve Best Sellers Rank on Product Listing Page


If you want to improve best sellers rank on then you’re in the right place. This article is most valuable for manufactures who have an existing product on Amazon and want to improve the products category ranking, reviews and overall performance.

Improve best sellers rank criteria:

1. You want to sell lots of product and quickly. Aim at ranking below 50,000 in your product category. Rank will change if your product is seasonal. Let’s say your products high season is summer, for example. During summer you sell thousands of items per week but winter you sell in the 100’s. Your products ranking will be lower (better) during summer and higher (worse) in the winter.

2. Ratings (or stars). You’re aiming for 3.5 stars or above. Amazon verified reviews and Amazon top reviewers reviews are weighted more heavily.

As a consumer and a buyer, I don’t like seeing product ratings below 4 stars. I’ll buy products at 3.5 stars if it’s the only one available for prime, if there are no better alternatives or if I’ve used the product before and determine the negative reviews are bogus. If you’re a manufacture and you go to amazon and see your product rating below 4 stars (even if you have 4 stars or above I would do this) go through all the negative reviews and take notes on complaints. Make a list of all the complaints that come up more than once. Get to work on solving those problems starting with the complaint that comes up the most. Chances are they are all very easy fixes.

Increasing your online sales can happen in many different ways. Once you fix the issues and complaints I would comment on your customers complaints telling them you fixed the issue and give them a promo code to buy a new one at a discount or something along those lines. Retail is great exposure for your product on amazon. First time buyers might purchase from retail but return customers will probably go to amazon. You can post your product on forums within your target market. You can promote the product, run a sale, remind your newsletter subscribers, post to social media. This is really just marketing but you’re going to want to market specifically to the amazon market place.

3. Number of reviews. The more reviews the more reliable your product rating is. A product with 1000 reviews and 4 stars is more reliable than a product with 10 reviews at 5 stars.

Increasing your number of reviews at 4 stars or above will improve best sellers rank. Looking at this from a sheer numbers standpoint, more product sold equals more reviews. You can also incentivize customers to review and rate your product by giving discounts, giving free product or sending a free gift etc.

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