Life Wisdom from Xzibit’s X Gon Give it to You

Life wisdom

Here’s a rap lyric that really spoke to me this week. It comes from Xzibit song, “X Gon Give it to You.” Yeah. This rap is from the early 2000s. Also, I’m not gonna say the N-word because I can’t, so I’m just gonna say “Ns”. I kept hearing these lyrics go through my head, particularly…

“Aiiyo where my Ns at? I know I got them down in the game”

I don’t know what the game means to X but the game, to me, means this game of life. Life is a game. 

“Give ’em love and they give it back, Talk too much for too long, Don’t give up you’re too strong”

Meaning, the game can be challenging. Even if you have an “easier” life than some other people, you’re still dealing with the same feelings and fears. We all go through similar internal struggles. Don’t give up, give love.  

“Shoutout to Ns that done it”

Shout out to the people who “made it” out of the muck, the hardships and struggles. A shoutout is a nod of respect. Anyone who can look back at where they came from with gratitude and appreciation for the experiences that were tough but made them who they are today is someone who “made it.”

“And it ain’t even about the dough, It’s about gettin’ down for what you stand for, yo”

This is probably one of my favorite lines. We put a lot of importance on money. We think it’ll solve our problems. We go out there and GET IT. And when we have it we realize life is about other things. Like true happiness and standing up for who you are and what you believe in. 

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