Minimalist Packing Tricks for Travelling With All Your Necessities

Minimalist Packing Tricks for Travelling

Tif-certified skills: Minimalist Packing 

People are often in awe of how I could slay in cute travel OOTDs, complete makeup and accessories with only one bag or carry on. Today I’m off to Maine, and it’s perfect timing to let you peek at how I do this magic.

Minimalist packing is all about being realistic with where you’re going and what you’re going to need. How many of you have closets full of clothes but wear the same 10 pieces week after week and you convince yourself that you’re going to wear the stuff at some point but it never happens? Well, packing for trips is exactly like that too. You’re going to wear the outfits you LOVE to wear, feel good in and are comfortable in a variety of different settings. So pack those and leave everything else at home!

Rent and Ship

You can rent the runway and ship outfits to your destination (I’m doing now). When you’re about to leave, slap the return label on and ship back to HQ.


Reduce large, heavy clothes items by heavily accessorizing. Accessories take up zero space and you can change an entire outfit with a headband, sunglasses or earings.

Pack clothes that make up a full outfit

Packing things like rompers, jumpsuits and dresses will give you more room for shoes. Which I’ll get to next…

The Shoe Dilemma

Shoes are always tricky, right? They take up a lot of space and you usually can’t get away with just 1 pair. I always bring one athletic shoes and one versatile pair of dress shoes catering to the location where I’m traveling. White sneaks are an easy summer staple because they’ll go with any outfit. I love my thigh high suede Sam Edleman boots for fall because they are not stiff and can fit into small spaces if I need them to. 

Tip: Pack shoes in plastic (the shoes that go inside travel bag). It will keep your clothes from getting gross!!


Light-weight packing is obviously easier during warmer months and visits to warm places but that doesn’t mean you can’t minimalist pack for winter either. For winter, wear your warm boots and carry your big jackets in-hand. The rest is normal clothes.

Read all your books on the kindle app on your phone.

Yeah, I know kindle isn’t the best and neither is reading from a screen but it’s required for minimalist packing. Traveling with anything but a notebook to write in is a big no-no for me. I read so much that I’d have to carry at least 4 books with me when I travel. Then I’d have to lug around finished books which would make me angry.

Bring one of everything except shirts, underwear and socks!

  • You only need one pair of jeans
  • You only need one bra (or none if you’re a boy!)
  • One bathing suit
  • One sports bra. Unless you’re going on an adventure trip, you don’t really need more than 1 pair of workout gear. Materials these days allow you to wear your workout clothes more than once, they are easy to clean and dry quickly if you need to do an in-room tub wash/hang dry situation.
  • One pajama set!

Wear wool socks!

I got this minimalist idea from backpacking (not the Europe after high school kind of backpacking). The nature kind. Still unsure? Think Patagonia. Since you’re carrying everything on your back you use most of your space and weight limitations for food, kitchen, sleeping bag and structure. We wear wool socks because COTTON KILLS. Literally. It never dries and therefore it’s dangerous. Wool is a natural product and it’s meant to keep you warm and cool. It’s antimicrobial and moisture resistant and therefore odor resistant. I wear wool socks everyday because they’re the best. And therefore you only need a couple pairs. They’re easy to wash and they dry quickly should you need to do a sink/tub wash in your hotel room mid-trip.

Mini’s and Trial Sizes

Make up and self care essentials in mini, trial and travel sizes are the BOMB. Snatch them up, buy them, sign up for Birch Box subscriptions, go to Sephora checkout and beg for some. Do whatever you gotta do and it will change your life.

I tend to travel for long periods at a time. If I’m staying at Airbnb’s I look for washing machine amenities. Hotels in most countries have laundry service. If you packed too light and really need something, you can buy almost anything, anywhere. I love unique, one of a kind pieces and often times I find them at local designer shops when I’m traveling. Wearing clothes is a fun way to remember where I’ve been. What are some of your minimalist packing tips? Would love to hear from you!

Happy Traveling =]

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