Movies Can Inspire Us and Can Make Us Smarter

Movies can inspire

How movies inspire us

Have you noticed characters in movies, TV and films rarely experience self-criticism and judgement the same way you and I would? Characters are perfect versions of themselves without judgment of who they are. That is inspiring AF, right?

Usually, we’re not taught how to properly feel or communicate our feelings. Instead we are taught coping mechanisms because that’s what our parents were taught. And coping mechanisms are passed down the family tree like our grandmothers rings. We can learn a lot from different characters because they show us ways to be that are different from the way we are.

So, Can movies make us smarter?

Below is a list of questions I ask myself while watching TV and movies (it’s not my fault I can’t turn my brain off, I literally sit there with pen an paper taking notes): 

We can learn boundaries from characters.

How does the character express himself or herself without fear of losing people? 

Are they eloquent? Emphatic? Do they blow up then come back to apologize? 

Which characters can you relate to? Which ones do you admire?

What is one expression you can borrow from a character next time a similar situation pops up in your life?

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