Buy Box How to Navigate and Win to Increase Sales on Amazon


This article is intended to answer any questions regarding Amazon’s Buy Box phenomenon.

Here’s a link to Amazon’s confusing and vague AF explanation.

Buy Box Definitions

  • Buy box is the “add to cart” on main product page (terms used interchangeably).
  • Buy box percentage is percentage of the time a seller wins. You want this number to be as high as possible.
  • FBA means fulfilled by Amazon.

Seller listed under “quantity in stock” has the buy box, therefore making the sale when a buyer “adds to cart.”

When a seller “wins” they get the majority of sales coming to Amazon for the specific product. It’s like temporarily winning the jackpot. Amazon switches sellers positions often to keep the marketplace “fair.” Your goal as a seller is to have the add to cart button 100% of the time.

How to “win”

If you’re the only seller of a product then you automatically win the “add to cart” button. If there are other sellers you have to meet the below criteria to in order to win a position in the buy box rotation. The key to hijacking Amazon’s automatic fair rotation of winners is by having the lowest price.

  • Having the lowest price
  • Having good performance metrics
  • Having inventory in stock.
  • FBA

One reason for price wars on Amazon is every seller is trying to “take over” the add to cart button. Sellers would rather move product quicker at lower margins. It costs the seller to sit on product especially if it’s sitting in Amazon’s warehouse.

While having the lowest price can hijack the add to cart button, having low seller performance ratings can just as easily bump you out of rotation.

Amazon designed its product pages to make it more difficult to buy something from a seller that doesn’t have the add to cart button. Amazon product pages force funnel customers into purchasing inventory from the seller who wins the buy box. Therefore, if your listing has the add to cart button then you sell more product and make more sales.

In middle right location of the page this little box with other sellers appears:

As a result of appearing in a small box on the right hand side of the page, those sellers are virtually nonexistent to buyers. It’s possible to win the add to cart button while having a larger price tag. Most customers will probably still purchase from the buy box winner assuming it’s the best price on Amazon.

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