Non Price Competition Strategies

Overcome and Beat Price

Brands have this constant struggle with price competition on Amazon listing. For those that offer fairly common products, it’s hard to juggle between keeping your profit margin sustainable and making customers choose you over competitors. My quick solution for this dilemma? Don’t fall into a price competition in the first place. Gone are the days when your brand name gives you enough leverage to justify a high price tag on Amazon. 300 THOUSAND private labelers came to the market in 2018 with a better price and a better marketing strategy than you. And more are coming onto the Amazon platform every year thanks to the very low barrier to entry and the increasingly unattractive 9-5. To really stand out, you have to add value for your customers. Personalize your product. Develop upgrades. Collaborate with industry celebs and influencers. Listen to your customers needs, issues and complaints. They tell you all their problems and what they love. Innovating with your customers in mind guarantees you a price competition-proof brand. I hope this helps, and don’t hesitate to hit me up for help on your business issues!

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