Handsome Coffee Roasters


Handsome Coffee was born in early 2011. It was the first Los Angeles native third wave roaster retailer. With a coffee celebrity team of Michael Phillips (first US citizen to win the world barista championship), Tyler Wells and Chris Owens and a headquarter location in the up and coming Arts District of DTLA, we had to be apart of it. While Handsome Coffee is not an actual Posh Project, it’s worth a mention.

Two of Posh’s founders, Tiffany and David, were two of Handsome Coffee’s first employees. Although Handsome Coffee was a launch pad for our next venture, Outpost, at the time we just wanted to be apart of the third wave coffee scene.

Tiffany and David spent many days and nights roasting, packing, shipping, delivering, event working, barista-ing and straight hustling.

Because we were still running Posh and Barista Lab while working for Handsome Coffee, Handsome shared their warehouse space with us and let us work on our business when we had some down time.

The ficus tree featured in the left corner of the second picture was a launch party gift from Tiffany and David’s grandmother, Elevia. Thank you Grandma!