Posh Portage


We started Posh Portage in 2006 with the spirit of experimentation and learning. We’re fanatical about our beverages and the early idea was geared toward creating industry regulations for the transportation of wine (hence portage). That idea wasn’t great so we followed a different beverage passion of ours, coffee. Posh Portage started selling locally roasted coffee, super automatic espresso machines and accessories online.


Every now and then we’d pimp our commercial machines out for fancy events.

David would encourage Kathie to film videos early in the mornings shortly after waking up from a long night of work and stumbling over to our home espresso machine for her morning fix. She’s still in her pajamas which is why she looks a little ticked in one and not visible in the other. We still laugh about our days as a young company and up until 2014 we were still doing videos in our pj’s.