How to get Unstuck by Meeting Yourself Where You’re At

Best Friends, Bad Moods and Acceptance

We all get into moods that result in stuckness.

A simple solution: Meet Yourself Where You’re At

This solution will unstick you so you can keep moving forward.

Feelings of frustration get us nowhere when we need to feel resourcefulness and determination.
Feeling feelings we don’t want to feel pulls us away from ourselves.
Saturate yourself in anger in order to be released from it.
Find an angry song, sung by an angry person where every part of the songs being is anger.
Alanis Morissette does it for me.
Dance, yell and live in that anger.
Then put something on that triggers resourcefulness and determination.
J-Lo’s “Never Satisfied” does it for me.
Then you’re ready to take on the day.
Use music to connect with yourself.
Once you “tune in” you can change that dial to whatever  you want or need.

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