How to Get Amazon Experience without Risking Investment or Failure

Why I prefer being a Contractor
Step 1

Watch and learn jungle scout million dollar case study season 1 or/and season 2 here.

Step 2

Use your researching skills to reach out to Amazon stores. It’s a numbers game. You’re looking for stores on the smaller side, specialized and probably under the $10 million range. Why? Larger stores have employees doing exactly what you’re proposing. You can also look for VA work on or other similar sites.

Step 3

Contact them with a proposal:

Hi, I’m tired of working a 9-5 and I am ready to reclaim my life. I hear Amazon is the 2019 equivalent to the 49 Gold Rush. I don’t have the confidence yet to take this project full on. I want to earn that experience. I have invested in a software called Jungle Scout where I can search for those hidden gem products. I’d like to search for products to bring to market for you. I will not charge you for failures, but I’d like a percentage of sales for the successes. All expenses related to purchasing and bringing the product to market are on you. Everything we launch together is yours and when I have the experience to go off on my own, I will not compete. Email me back if you’re interested. I’m eager to begin.

Step 4

Keep your word.

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