The Difference Between Desire and Impulse

Understanding Desire and

Is Porcelain-Like Skin Too Much to Ask For?

I just wanted a smooth finish, porcelain-like skin. Is that too much to ask for? Think Taylor Swift and Kim Kardashian skin. That’s what I really, really, really wanted. And I was like, how do I get that? I wanted it sooo badly that I took action to make it happen. First I looked at photos analyzing their skin. I figured I needed to smooth out my skin, reduce blemishes and redness from irritation. I started with skin care, from the inside out and the outside in. Exfoliate, clay masks, brightening solution, balancing solution, acne solutions, intestinal cleanses and experimenting with diet. When I was in a space where my skin started looking healthier I was still dissatisfied. It didn’t have that smooth porcelain finish. I went back to the drawing board. I asked myself, who else has porcelain like finishes? I noticed a trend in make up. That trend was a dewy, satiny, glowing look. So I looked into how Kim and Taylor did their make up. And so then I was like, okay, so… now I need to, up my makeup game. I needed to tips, tricks, tools and strategies for achieving that smooth, flawless skin look. I really liked the contrast of brightness underneath the eyes and the contour on the face but I didn’t know what any of that was. I could just see there were different shadings. So I started learning about it and doing it and making a lot of mistakes.

Let DESIRE Move You

Desire to have something that I didn’t have got me to where I am now. I have friends asking how I do my make up. When I show up they say, “you look like a movie star” and “Your skin looks great.” It wasn’t by accident. I desired something so strongly and I took action to figure it out. It took me one year to get my skin care right and a few months to get my make up to an acceptable place. It was frustrating and challenging and embarrassing sometimes because I had to leave the house looking less than acceptable. But here I am and I actually have my 5 min make up routine down to 5 minutes.

Desire moves us. It’s like an undercurrent of the universe. We don’t know why it’s moving us. We can’t explain our desire, but it always leads to something greater. There’s literally no explanation for the things that we desire. And that’s why I think the world is so cool. If we just let desire move us, we’ll end up at some pretty cool places.

How can you tell deep desire from impulse?

Build discernment by challenging old habits and addictions. Almost all forms of religion contain abstinence of some sort. Lent, fasting, meditation and even New Years resolutions (for the agnostic and atheists) are a form of giving up or making a new habit. Addictions are fake desires. Addictions are what we use to cover up desire. Addictions cover things that we don’t want to feel or things we don’t want to follow. We reach for our habits (the things that have protected us from harm) because we don’t know what scary things the “new” will bring. We’re afraid of it so we stay in our comfort zone by choosing the addiction (or habit) we’re most familiar with. You can challenge your habits by consciously giving them up. When you give them up (one at a time) you learn what buried underneath. Sometimes old habits stay because it’s the only thing we know. When you start learning how other people think, eat, talk to themselves, save money, connect with others you realize there are other ways!

Overcome the fear of being wrong

The fear of being wrong can stifle you. It’s stifled me for sure. Whether it be porcelain skin, a boyfriend or a product idea thats driving your desire…it might give you what you were looking for or it might not. If the world doesn’t need what you’re producing and you were “wrong” about it, it’s fine. If your next boyfriend turns out to be a psycho, try again. If your porcelain skin doesn’t provide you with self confidence then just keep moving. Eventually, you’ll end up where you’re supposed to be. All those detours are moving you in the right direction, refining your desire, building skills you wouldn’t have otherwise until you end up where you’re supposed to be. You don’t really know where you’ll end up and you don’t know if where you’re going is the right place or just a stepping stone to get you to the “right” place. The journey is the destination, my friends. Enjoy it.

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